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  • It is very difficult to get 10v with the given setup. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 1.2v so 20 cells in series would add up to 24v. Another 20 cells in series at 24v are added in parallel to double the capacity, making the range last longer. This is referred to as a 20s 2p configuration. With...
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  • Full charge is 28.8v and empty is around 20v-21v so you are good.

    At 10v the battery has issues of some sort. Did it ever have 24v after it was rebuilt, did they ever check it afterwards? Check Voltage between pins 1 and 6 and see if it is also 10v....
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  • maddog
    commented on a Visitor Message From cadamson
    Sorry did not see this message. Do you have a second battery you are using, meaning do you have another way of verifying your chair is not the problem. Does the charger still work on the battery? If the battery fuse blew the charger should no longer work with that battery. This sounds very strange....
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  • cadamson
    cadamson posted a Visitor Message for maddog
    I finally picked up the battery the other day and you were right, he said the fuse had fallen off or something along those lines. That was fixed and of course, the battery charges to full power and seems fine until I hit the power button on the chair, and I knew it audibly it was not going to work because...
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