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  • The smart drive was never really intended for quads and it does not work great for higher quads at all no matter what anybody may tell you. I had three different versions and worked with max mobility to try to make it more quad friendly and it just was not to be the spinnergy ZX-1 is the best for quads,...
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  • fuentejps
    commented on a Visitor Message From smokey
    Hey man we've been down a year and a half now and absolutely love it you adjust to the summer weather quickly I ride every day my wife does CrossFit every day etc. etc. best move we have ever made. And not paying property taxes and income tax is huge we built a new home on a fresh water canal in the...
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  • smokey
    smokey posted a Visitor Message for fuentejps
    Fu, I have not been on the website in a while, things are going well for me. I did happen to see that you moved from Ohio to Florida. I am so jealous! I live in Massachusetts and was born and raised here. Around this time of year a little voice in my head says I have to move to a more moderate climate,...
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