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    Fu, I have not been on the website in a while, things are going well for me. I did happen to see that you moved from Ohio to Florida. I am so jealous! I live in Massachusetts and was born and raised here. Around this time of year a little voice in my head says I have to move to a more moderate climate, preferably Florida. My old lady is very much against moving there or anywhere. In the middle of winter it is downright depressing here with occasional sub zero temperatures and 1, 2 or maybe even 3 feet of snow. It doesn't really warm up until the middle of May.

    Anyway, how long have you been in Florida, we are about's did you move ( near the coast or in land), have you spent a summer there and are you happy there? How about not paying real estate taxes as a quad? I pay almost $12,000 a year up here for just about nothing since most of the tax money goes towards schools and we have no kids. I love the warm weather up to about 85?. I also like the humid weather up to about 80?. If I get too hot my nose runs like a faucet and the energy just gets sucked away from my body and mind.

    Anything you can tell me about moving and living in Florida would be appreciated. Hope you are doing well and I look forward to your response.


  • fuentejps
    Hey man we've been down a year and a half now and absolutely love it you adjust to the summer weather quickly I ride every day my wife does CrossFit every day etc. etc. best move we have ever made. And not paying property taxes and income tax is huge we built a new home on a fresh water canal in the south west coast area, cape coral
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