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  • Used to be a beta tester for IBM via voice back in the early 90s and Larry land for AT&T. There were three or four companies that I submitted actual beta reports for.

    However don't believe voice recognition became a functional tool until the turn-of-the-century when you have quad core...
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  • Cris
    replied to Urine backs up from leg bag
    in Care
    After using the leg bag for 30 years old occasionally would get one with a bad valve and have to physically force the valve open. ~1 of 100

    However it is a One-Way valve so it is letting your urine flow into the bag, just not clear on why it stops continuing to flow into the bag, causing...
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  • Cris
    started a topic Voice over IP phone system

    Voice over IP phone system

    Finally was required to text people and installed an application called Text Now. Not only did it do the messaging but it is also is a good speakerphone with a keypad to navigate phone trees.

    Use it to retrieve the messages on my landline because it's easier using the trackball. Have a...
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