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  • Penn
    replied to What is causing this pain?
    in Care
    Thanks, I will have a look at these products you listed.

    Yes, I went to see a gastroenterologist a few weeks ago. I am down on the list to have a cat scan. Also, I am being referred to my local SCI hospital to have a stoma fitted.

    It's now been one whole week with an excellent...
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  • Penn
    started a topic What is causing this pain?
    in Care

    What is causing this pain?

    I've admitted myself to A&E three times over the last year with chronic lower abdominal pains, and each time they told me it's constipation and trapped wind. In short, six months of Laxido seem to be doing the trick. Also, my stomach has reduced in size considerably. However, as my stomach subsides...
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  • Penn
    started a topic Still in terrible pain
    in Pain

    Still in terrible pain

    The pain in my lower abdomen is absolutely terrible at the moment. I am down on the list to have a cat scan and also hopefully have a colostomy. After a previous admittance to the hospital nearly 6 months ago they told me I was severely constipated and carrying a lot of excessive gas back in the summer...
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