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  • It is akin to sticking your finger or wanger in the 'mystery' hole in the wall and hope that it doesn't get chopped off.

    Good luck with that Scott ...
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  • Structural engineer?? Maybe, maybe not; depending on risk and any liability exposure.
    Common sense would apply just as well. A seasoned tradesman would be useful for knowledge and real world experience.
    A plan of the framework would assist Scott; showing any internal walls. For instance,...
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  • Looking at the image of your room,
    It is a small amount of expense and time to put in a ceiling cavity access Scott. It is sensible to do so for any future maintenance or storage, sound system, ventilation ducting etc etc.
    The load strength is in the vertical plane so the section depth is...
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  • That sounds like a nice place to live Scott.

    I liked that Andy Griffiths show with Sherrif Andy, Barney Fife, Gomer Pyle and Oppie.
    Barney and Gomer were my favourites for the humour their characters brought to the show.
    Thanks for the analogy Scott, I think that I am going...
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  • That information provides some clarity Scott. if your Father does not have the build drawings and specifications, they will be held at your local authority ? (I don't know how it works in your jurisdiction).
    Have you costed up creating access to the ceiling space?
    If you do not know the...
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  • Hip or gable roof should have manhole access to the ceiling cavity somewhere in your home.
    Or create one in your bedroom; it wont be a biggie for an able bodied person with half a clue, or more.
    If it is a tile, corrugated iron roof clad roof, they can be removed and replaced.
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  • Hi Scott.
    If the truss is in the correct position above your bed, or your bed position can be adjusted to suit, that is a stroke of good fortune.
    Load carrying will depend somewhat on the depth of the bottom chord of that truss which should have an engineered code that will give you its...
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  • Thanks Oditty.
    I have used goats milk soap that we sourced from a supplier down the South Island and also coconut soap that my Son bought us. Both these soaps lathered well and failed to give us that residue that we get with others. These 'problem' soaps seem to soften and mush at the slightest...
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  • slow_runner
    started a topic Soaps. Specifically Kirk's Soap

    Soaps. Specifically Kirk's Soap

    Does anyone have experience of Kirk's, 100% Premium Coconut Oil Gentle Castile Soap?
    Is it the real McCoy?

    I am getting a little tired of the gunge that is presented as soaps theses days. Liquid 'soap' is not an option either, IMO it is more detergent than soap.
    Plus I wish
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