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  • The symptoms I see when the fusion batteries are starting to fail is that it will go into slow mode for the usual 30 seconds or thereabouts climbing moderate slopes and just progressively gets worse going into slow mode on very minor bumps, not to mention needs more frequent charging and the distance...
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  • First of all it's unbelievable that you got five years out of batteries. All I did with the BMS was to get a carer to open the box unclip the little wire connectors and give it a bit of a blow, reconnect and Bob's your uncle. Not saying it will fix your problems.

    Spinergy now have a new...
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  • coolmobility
    coolmobility posted a Visitor Message for takenaback
    Hi Steve,
    Posted this on ZX-1 Forum, but curious what you actually did with your BMS on yours to fix it.Advice would be appreciated.

    I have had issues with my controller voltage lights rapidly decreasing, indicating battery problems on my 5 year old, original, Poweriser...
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