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  • Very interesting, Han, but even more intriguing to me is what prompted you that day to undertake this little bit of etymological study.
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    started a topic Isometrics


    I can contrived every mostly group I can identify, to the point where I feel sore later/the next day like the good old days. I don’t think I could do that before. Does that mean anything? What then are the barriers to movement?
    What would be the next step to attaining it?...
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    started a topic Using a screensaver with Dragon

    Using a screensaver with Dragon

    Does anyone know a way to do this, to dispel a screensaver if you’re using Dragon? Presuming you can wake up the microphone while the screensaver is active, telling them not to move by dictating doesn’t seem to wake it up, although I can be sure I tried correctly because it is hard to try...
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    replied to The years keep piling on
    in Life
    Bravo for your resilience and endurance. From the persona your project, I presume you are quite content in your reality. I’m glad that you made it. I’m curious what you might offer as a response to those who seem to presume we might consider this life not worth strenuously pursuing/preserving....
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