Hello Wise,

My name is Brent Lane...I have spoke to you several times thru the years but not in several...I met you in Amarillo Tx in 2004 at the hotel symposium...we spoke briefly and I have followed you ever since...I give monthly to your effort...I know your hard at work on therapies that will lead to a cure...I’ll do my best to be brief
im truly struggling presently and I’m so miserable...I’m having severe pherical neuropathy...I went from being stiff 18 years to no spasticity and can barely stand or sit up...i have very little muscle tone it started in my hands and within 3 months I decreased my baclofin from 110mg daily to 20mg...I’ve lost sensation everywhere and my skin feels wet and it’s ungodly feeling...I don’t feel that this is spinal cord related but it could be...I’ve been dealing with it a 1 1/2 year and I’m at the end of my rope...I’m 59 years old now...is there anything you know of that could help or refer me somewhere that might?
I had stem cells from my blood and bone marrow put back from my head to my low back in may of this year...they also give me a drug called AR 290...this did help my sensations for a brief time...I have a successful business but I’m struggling to keep up...mostly working from my bed and over the phone...I will go anywhere or do anything if it might help...I never thought a body could feel like mine does...it makes you contemplate suicide...I’m a strong minded person but this is most difficult situation I’ve ever experienced.

pls help

Brent Lane