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  • Thanks for the description of the differences in the medications, KLD.

    if Dibenzyline has a relatively quick on-set of effects, does that mean that people take it when AD symptoms occur and not on a set schedule every day?

    I've heard that when people take nifedipine for AD,...
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  • Thanks, KLD. I learned long ago to check for drug interactions. This isn't the first time I've caught one that the prescribing doctor didn't. Unfortunately the urologist was too busy saying Myrbetriq wasn't that great, that instilling Gentamicin in the bladder in a home setting is a bad idea, and discussing...
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  • melliska
    started a topic Medication interaction: Metoprolol and Myrbetriq
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    Medication interaction: Metoprolol and Myrbetriq

    I am supposed to start taking Myrbetriq for my bladder spasticity so I was reading up about it, and I came across this information regarding a reaction with metoprolol. I am currently taking 25 mg of metoprolol in the morning and at bedtime. The urologist that prescribed the Myrbetriq did not really...
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