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    looking for a new job

    Hey there just wondering if anyone has ideas of good jobs for a very active T-4-5 para. I currently work in real estate and would like to find something with benifits and some freedom to do what I need to do to get the job done. I have worked as a cell phone company manager of 3 stores at Cellularone. I have worked as a disability advocate and in real estate. I am sure I am not the only one in this boat....I would love to do more in computers don't know enough to get me in touble just not out of it...thanks for any help

    I came across a website for a real estate company that specialized in wheelchair accessible homes. I can't find that exact site right now, but if you google "real estate handicapped accessible" it brings up several. That would be perfect for you I think.

    Good luck!!
    AB, Husband is c5-6 inc quad, 25 years post injury.


      What kind of education do you have? Many jobs have specific educational or training requirements.

      Have you looked into federal govt. jobs? Benefits are good, pay is decent, and they even have long term care insurance you qualify for even with a disability. Most agencies have pretty active programs to recruit employees with disabilities (as required by federal law).

      The problem with real estate is #1 the market right now, at least in residential sales, and #2, most are either self employed or considered independent contractors so don't get benefits or can't afford private insurance.

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