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    Good luck addiesue. I hope you can work it all out. I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer for you.


      I don't have any advice except to say good luck. I am trying to sort out my own school related issues right now and I know how stressful it can be trying to figure out/set up everything in order to start school. Throw in the trying to work within government programs and it can get beyond frustrating. I know a bit of how you must feel. But I think it's really great and I know you will find a way.

      Good luck


        Wow. Masters! Rock on girl!! I must say you've got balls to go get your masters, raise two kids, and work. I know people that do that at my school and it is very admirable. I'd probably be bald from pulling my hair out if I had that much on my plate. Good luck!

        I have VERY good Voc Rehab in SD. I'm 28 and they are still paying. They have also been very understanding like when I got really sick for a few years and couldn't go to school. They picked me back up with out batting and eye or when I broke my leg and had to drop all classes except the ones online.

        Technically I am SUPPOSED to be going full time, BUT I can't go if my school doesn't offer the classes I need. This semester I am taking 8 credits, 12 is full time. Voc Rehab prefers that I go at least 12, but they also agree with me that I shouldn't just go full time and pick up classes I DON'T need. That's a waste of my time and a waste of their money.

        I agree with what everyone says. There are ways to work around it. Sometimes it is just impossible to go full time.
        "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean


          When I went back to school to get my graduate degree my boss at the time gave me some good insight. He said you basically do three things - Family/social, career and school and you can't do all three well at the same time. Its true and there will be lots of give and take but you can do it.

          Good luck!


            Originally posted by Ashley
            unfortunately i find online courses to be full of busy work, but i guess they have to do that to see you're active in the course.
            That what I find too. They do need to monitor you to make sure you are active and doing work, but online classes are still so restrictive in my opinion. I actually find them to be more difficult and more work than normal classes. I avoid them whenever poissible, but they are definitely getting more popular.