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Accommodation Policy and my college.

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    So they are looking at it as you have equal access to the regular center, along with everyone else. And that the adaptive facility is just an extra, due to it being created for the course, that you can use as well? Apples and oranges so to speak I guess.

    MAybe the point is to make some of the OTHER center accessible to you, using what they learned in creating the academic venue.
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      Originally posted by sjean423
      MAybe the point is to make some of the OTHER center accessible to you, using what they learned in creating the academic venue.
      As SJean said, they need to make the OTHER center accesible to you, if they are saying that you have "equal access" to CAN'T use it...therefore it's NOT equal...and they already own the equipment to make it so...They can either move the adaptive equipment to the other center and teach the course IN that center OR they can adjust the hours of the gym with the adaptive equipment...Don't feel's not over yet, you're getting a run-around BS answer...Find out who's budget the staff is getting paid to operate the gym, if it's the Health and Wellness department, then they can ABSOLUTELY no longer claim that it's academic...They may have obtained the equipment FOR an academic course or through an academic grant, but if the gym is being operated under a H&W budget, then it's H&W or if it's being presented as being a H&W program, then they have to do a bit more to substantiate that it's NOT part of the H&W program...

      DON'T give up the fight...that's what they want you to deserve the equal access, they alreday HAVE the equipment to give it to you, they're shirking their responsibilities by not giving you the equal hours....
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        I don't see why they don't combine the two facilities. I go to Wichita's not a huge school but surprisingly it has universal weight equipment for wheelchair users and also has a vitaglide for cardio workouts. I'm kind of surprised that other public schools don't make their rec centers accessible to all...I'll be honest, I thought this was normal for public universities since they get funding from the state.

        I would push for them adding wheelchair accessible equipment in the "regular" gym. You're paying for it, you should be able to use it too. Especially since the so called "accessible gym" is not meant to serve the same purpose as the other from what I can tell.

        Just my two cents...You're health isn't worth sacrificing...and no doubt it's important for you to continue to do well in school.



          My student fees go to the Health and Wellness fitness center but no student fees contribute to the area with the adaptive equipment which is why its considered a classroom that and the fact that classes are held in the area. The school is building a new Wellness center with construction starting sometime this year. I have been told that the director of disability services is on the board to try and acquire workout equipment for people who are disabled so that the center will be accessible for us.


            The director of disability will TRY to aquire accessible equipment??? Sorry, that is not good enough. The school MUST aquire the equipment! They must, aslo, make the current facility accessible to you NOW. It should have been done years ago.