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any quads (c5) go away for college

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  • any quads (c5) go away for college

    Just wondering if any quads out there went /are going to college away from home. I'm a c5 quad, 7yrs out and I'm applying to Law schools. I can go to a few decent schools close by and commute, but I figured I'd look into one's further away.
    I guess I'm wondering how your daily life goes...accessible housing, assistants for morning/nightly routine, etc. I'm self sufficient once my big butt hits the chair, but I need help to get in and out.

    thanks in advance.
    Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints.

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    I'm a C2/3 quad that went and is going to college. My first time through, I lived in my own dorm for over two years while getting my Associate's in IT. Three years later, I started on my BA commuting to/from campus three days a week.

    I need complete 24/7 care as I'm vent dependent. Wherever you're looking at school, I suggest contacting nursing agencies. By the sounds of your needs, you could get help getting up in the morning and down at night. This should be fairly easy for an agency to fill, but be sure you can be independent in class. I know some people have a roommate assist with cares, but this is best, to start at least, with someone who is familiar with your cares.

    Most schools, my first did not, have disability services on campus. They can help provide in class note takers and testing assistance as well as work with accessibility issues. Note takers are usually students in class that get paid to take notes and copy them for you.

    I know there are others here that have done the same, so they can give other hints. Other things to consider when leaving home are backups for caregiivers and where funding comes from.
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      thanks for the rsponse.

      did you have your own dorm room? (all to your self?)
      what about shower/etc?

      I went to school many moons ago (1989) before my injury, so I know what dorm life is like. I'd hope to find graduate housing...

      any other thoughts?
      Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints.


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        I lived on campus year-round (incl. summer, christmas,and spring beaks) for 4 years, with pca help morning and night. Had my own room in a suite w/common bathroom and roll-in shower. Fun time. C5.


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          Hey there!

          If you can get out to school, I would definitely suggest it. I'm a C-4 quad are currently studying away from home at Colorado State University. My first year back, I lived in a dorm on campus. Last year I was a resident assistant in one of the dorms getting all the freshman into school and dealing with problems and all that. It was a blast and definitely helped me meet people and get involved on campus. This year, I decided not to be an RA again because I'm planning on studying abroad in Australia next semester and didn't want to leave my residents in the middle of the year with a new person. I live with two friends at an apartment off-campus.

          I would suggest finding out from the school if they have accessible housing off-campus or would be able to provide it or if they have graduate housing on campus. CSU was able to modify the bathroom in the off-campus apartments that I live in (they own these) for free to help me out.

          As far as finding help with aides, I'm on a waiver program from Wyoming Medicaid and I hire and fire my own. On the CSU web page, you can post jobs for students to browse, so I post working for me on that. I haven't had a problem yet in finding aides to work for me and they all have been fantastic. I only hire students because I want people my age to hang out with. Also, one of my aides is coming to Australia to study with me and work for me at the same time. We are all pretty good friends. If you can avoid home health aides, do so. It's better to be on your own time than on someone else's.

          Hope that helps! Hit me up with any questions.

          -- Colin
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            It's great to hear about C4 and C5's out there.
            I'm ready to try for some independence ansd this is as good of a time as any. I'll also have money from a state prgram to pay for aids. Did any of you have many problems with no-shows? Did the school modify your room much? You mention a roll in shower, but what about door openers, etc. Having a dorm room to yourself is pretty cool.

            thanks again for the info.
            Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints.


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              Personally, I've not had a problem yet with no-shows. I think hiring students helps with that in that they realize if they do not come get you up, you don't get up. I think most people are pretty good about that. As far as room modifications, CSU was very accommodating to any requests I had. The company that the university hires to fix and put in door openers all over campus was able to create a straw thing that I puff to open the different doors in the dorm. They also set one door at each building to my frequency for me to open. It works really well.

              I think universities are usually very accommodating with your requests. Granted, I was injured on this campus my freshman year so that might have something to do with it. However, I believe they have gone out of their way to help me. If I ever have a problem with the door not working, they fix it that day or the next. Just find out what they're able to help you with and what not. Hope that helps.
              Frankly, I'm tired of sitting in this damn electric chair.

              2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member
              Please join me and donate a dollar a day at and copy and paste this message to the bottom of your signature.


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                I'm a C1-2 that was injured in my off-campus apartment at the University of Florida in August 1997 and I've returned to UF via online classes. But I have a friend who is a C-5 and is now in medical school, and she lived on-campus at UF, hiring students, etc, as described above. I believe Voc Rehab paid for her to hire students for her care, and the Office of Students with Disabilities paid for students to help her study, and the OSD also provided other appropriate accommodations for her (dorm modifications; a proctor to write for her on exams, in a quiet location separate from other test-takers; extended/double time testing; and a student notetaker -- I get the last three for my courses).

                - Bill :-)
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