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Master's School funding ..scholorships ...?

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    Master's School funding ..scholorships ...?

    I am looking to find out if anyone knows of any scholorship programs for the diasbled to return to college...since we are in the process of getting my federal loans forgiven because of my accident and permanat disabilty I can't rely on loans for federal, stafford, pell, plus loans, so I am looking for scholorships and other ways to pay for masters school. I am thinking maybe a private bank loan for masters school possibly but if I could find a way to pay for some another way it'd be helpful since my bachelor degree left my 40,000 in debt if they don't get forgiven which is a big maybe. I am going for my masters degree in clincal psychology since I can't do much with my bachelor's degree in psychology--need the masters. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated since my vocational rehab basically is no help at all, and said they can't do anything for me.


    I moved your thread here. Perhaps others can share how they financed their college education and, in particular, graduate school.

    My son received significant assistance from Voc Rehab for his undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon. Our experience seemed to vary with the case worker assigned. We finally found someone who took an interest in making a difference and they found a way to make Voc Rehab pay.

    We are currently dealing with Law School apps and waiting for financial packages from several schools to see where we stand. One thing we found is that most schools waived the application fee due to disability. I will let you know how things proceed. We definitely need help with the costs of Law School.

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      I have found the Heath Resource Centers document on funding education with a disability helpful. The o7 version should be available soon.
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        I'm in PA (jefferson county) and I recived very little help from CRI, community resources for indepdant living. I got $2,000 a year I believe it was to help pay for ungraduate studies, they weren't even going to do that I had to fight to even get that much.
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          Thanks John for moving my thread...didn't even realize this new area had been created. Please keep me informed--what we have heard from vocational rehab is that Master's School is considered frivelous and is an unneeded expense. They would have helped me with my bachelor's degree to bad I was in my final semster when I got hurt. Maybe I can look for some state run programs as well, NH seems to be good about grants and stuff. It's been very frustrating so far. My FAFSA says that my EFC is 612 $ out of a 15,000 a year tutition. Seems like something should give ..finacial aid or something. Vocational rehab won't even meet with me to see all the information I've gathered. GRRRR...

          Cheesecake --thank you that has some good reading, I printed it out. I will look out for the 2007 version as well.

          Mr. Coffee--Seems like they don't help as much as they make their programs out to do sometimes. Also, it seems undergraduate school gets more of a priority. They think a bachelor's degree is enough even though most of them have higher degrees as well in NH just to work at vocational rehabs--seems like they'd sympathize more.

          I have even tried to get them to give me information on working part time and keeping my SSI, and medicaid but well they have been absolutely no help in any aspect and I've talked to numerous people throughout their agencies. Gr.. so frustraing..want to get my degree so I can afford to live off SSI, medicaid, etc... but no help to do'd think they'd want to help you get off their programs and become a productive part of society. ::shakes head:: So confused....



            I'd like to have that in writing you may ask the counselor. Master's degree is frivlous? If you need it in order to be employed they should at least consider it!

            I know funds are tight but in these situations YOU MUST be a pain in their ass. Repeat the mantra..."I require this in order to be substantially employed......."

            They may not pay for all grad work but my VR paid a substantial amt in terms of PCA's and room/board,text books

            I took out a school loan from my local bank.

            I also must premise that I went to grad school in the 80's so again I understand times/funding chnages but BE Pro active!
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              Liz is right talk to DRS (vocrehab) again.

              I proved that finding an "intery level job" with and undergrad in social work would be difficult and that to pay my medical expences and to have more job choices within the field a masters WAS necessary and evetually they caved.
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                I have a bachelors also and was told VR won't help me go back to school for a MAsters bc I already have a degree. Let me know what you fin dout. Also how are you getting your loans forgiven??? I have a lot of student loan debt too.
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                  I found this link . It is a form to fill out to have certain gov't loans cancelled if you become totally and permanently disabled. Check it out. It includes some of the more popular loans that many students take. Hope this helps.

                  Certain conditions apply (nothing is ever easy, sigh) so read it through and see if it could apply to you. Good Luck!
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                    My federal loans have a clause, determining if you become totally disabled during the use of those loans, a preexsisting disability will not make you elligible--but I don't know your situtaion. Hopefully this information will help you.

                    "Beginning July 1, 2002, a borrower who is determined to be totally and permanently disabled will have his or her loan placed in a conditional discharge period for three years from the date the borrower became totally and permanently disabled. During this conditional period, the borrower doesn’t have to pay principal or interest. If the borrower continues to meet the total-and-permanent disability requirements during, and at the end of, the three-year conditional period, the borrower’s obligation to repay the loan is canceled. If the borrower doesn’t continue to meet the cancellation requirements, the borrower must resume payment. Total and permanent disability is defined as the inability to work and earn money because of an injury or illness that is expected to continue indefinitely or to result in death. For more information on qualifying for this discharge, review your promissory note* and contact your loan holder. More information on teaching service cancellation/deferment options can be found at At the site, click on “Repaying,” then on “Cancellation and Deferment Options for Teachers."

                    That's just a snidbit of a very long and lengthy process. They will not cancel your loans if you returned to school or used federal loans while being disabled. Then you are not considered totally disabled.You must have become disabled during the use of the loan and have stopped using federal loans to go to school, permantly disabled to them means no longer being able to engage in school, etc...

                    I was disabled during the last semester of my bachelor's degree, and although I finished I have been unable to work or continue school since. I will not use federal laons again in hopes after the three year deferment time period I can get my loans forgiven and be seen as totally disabled in their eyes. It has been a long ardguous process. It may not even work for me, but that's why I am looking for other ways to fund graduate school so not to interfere with this forgiveness process. Hope that helps, also look at your individual loan paperwork to see your lenders policy's. We are going to hire a lawyer eventually i think because right now they don't want to budge but everyone we've talked to says i'm elligible--it's just a fight. As always ....


                      Liz & Aly,

                      How did you get them to pay for anything...? How did you convince them that MA school was a necessary expense, and since I won't require room/board since we will have to comute, and I don't require PCA care, but could use the help for books at least how do I get them to understand ?

                      So frustrating...I'll start the calls again tommorow and see if they'll even meet with me.



                        Check this thread I found the link to the ELA a while back, although I don;t know anything about it. The ELA provides scholarships for disabled women specifically going for a graduate degree.
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                          i received an ELA scholarship during my grad school; it's a fairly easy application and the award is $1000-2000. i'd say go for it.
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                            Thanks Sjean & starlight Angel. I definately will check out ELA--I'll e-mail them since i'm not enrolled in graduate school yet --not till fall, it looks like they don't give schlorships until you've been in school for a semester or so. Hopefully they'll give me an answer but definately worth the try. Thanks Again


                              repeat the mantra over an over In order to be substantially employed I require a MA. Show them that your professional peers need MA's as well.

                              I needed...van conversions, a bathroom redo PCA help (in college not at home) in order to be substantially employed
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