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Can I get SSDI if I quit my job ?

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    Originally posted by Art454
    You will have to to get letters from your doctor saying you can't work anymore....since you did work after your injury..I would expect problems and you probably end up getting a attorney before its over...most people I know if they apply for ssd today...its like a 3 year waiting period
    if your sci you really should not need a attorney. even if not sci you should not get an attorney until the first rejection, more knowledgeable people say don't get an attorney until a certain step in the process, because up to this they really do nothing, and if your medical condition /work history./education/age qualifies (non sci) you are just throwing money away to a attorney for nothing.
    i had a workers comp injury, wc attorney also did ssdi, i asked him about the ssdi process and i wanted to sign him up, he was honest he told me it is just throwing money away to retain him before the first rejection.
    i believe brain talk forums has/had a good ssdi forum.
    in some parts of the country, different regions , it seems they really are harder to get.
    definately do your homework, get everything in order, .
    the whole medicare wait period is such a scam by the govt.
    if you are deemed eligible why make people wait? these people obviously have been unable to work, you cant apply for ssdi while working, so unless you have good medical insurance and pay for cobra you are screwed.
    a couple years back, ny state area had first time approvals in 5 or 6 months.
    the real problem starts if you dont have one of the qualifying injuries, than it seems like a automatic disapproval
    cauda equina


      Originally posted by ginamarie
      Actually it is two years from when you qualify for your first SSDI check that you will qualify for medicare, not the onset of disability date. That is 5 full months before you qualify for your first check.

      Thanks, you are right Gina. It is a 24 month wait from first SSDI check , rather than "onset of disability" as I said.