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Moving to another state and changing Medicare advantage policies

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    Moving to another state and changing Medicare advantage policies

    I'm currently in OH and use a Medicare advantage HMO. So it only provides me with regional coverage and is only available if I live in OH. In January I'm going to be moving from OH to Florida. I have owned the place in Florida for some time. I'm just not a full-time resident until January. I'm going to need to switch the plan to an advantage plan in Florida. I am also going to switch to a PPO to allow more flexibility. Open enrollment for Medicare advantage begins, I believe, on October 15. The typical window to switch plans on a move runs from one month prior to the move to two months following the move.
    But, my move aligns with a with January when a new policy would be taking over anyway. My question is should I switch to Florida advantage plan during open enrollment ,even though i don't technically live there yet, or should I wait until a month before I move. When I pick a new plan at open enrollment, that plan will go into effect on January 1. If I pick an OH plan, by the time the plan actually goes into effect in January, I will be in Florida. Or should I pick a Florida PPO at open enrollment. That way when the new plan takes over in January, I'm already on the appropriate plan. I guess the question is should I sign up for a plan where I am currently living in OH or should I sign up for a plan where I will be living on January 1 in Florida? I'm concerned that by signing up for a plan in Florida at open enrollment, my current plan will cut off coverage for November and December in OH. It's a timing issue. I hope this question makes sense.

    I believe we (disabled) can change plans at any time. Call and ask.