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Self employment and SSDI

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    Self employment and SSDI

    I was recently approached by an accessibility dealer asking me to subcontract for them as a consultant. It involves dealing with clientele on remodeling and accessibility. My income right now is fairly high with my SSDI and a disability pension thru my union from pre injury job. My question is how big of an impact on my SSDI would making 10-15k a year be? I live in Illinois and currently pay no income tax and I believe my pension will not be considered earned anymore because I have reached minimum retirement age.
    can I make 1200 a month self employed without it affecting my SSDI?
    how does the trial work period work?
    I would need to make about 50k a year pre-tax in order to make it worthwhile to lose my 30k in SSDI. Otherwise I’m just complicating my life and breaking even.
    Anyone who has done this in the past some insight would be helpful.

    $1,260 per month is the SGA (substantial gainful activity) limit for SSDI for 2020. Look up that term on the internet for expert resources, though. It is somewhat complicated and you have to let SSA know so they can audit you etc.
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      Also, if your disability pension is of the type that offsets their payouts by the SSDI amount, then you could run afoul of those benefits as well. Make sure that plan isn't going to want to offset by any additional income as well. (Employer sponsored disability plans are quite often like this, especially if they paid the premiums with pre-tax revenue.