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SSDI eligibility after retirement

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  • SSDI eligibility after retirement

    If one were to retire from work, not due to disability necessarily, and then began either collecting a pension or were supported by other means, would they then be eligible to apply for SSDI to supplement their income until eligible for Social Security?

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    Last I looked into this SCI (or at least paraplegia/quadriplegia) was an automatically qualifying disability. The reason why you’re not working shouldn’t matter. Just apply for SSDI when you’re out of work and you should be approved.


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      Apply ASAP after you stop working. I believe it still can take up to two months to start receiving SSDI checks. The Medicare used to be automatic after 2 years on SSDI but I don't know if that 2 yr. wait is still the case. My Medicare became "first payer", and my health insurance from my employer became "2nd payer". On a couple of occasions my retiree health insurance paid in full when Medicare did not cover an $1800 orthotic I needed, as my old one was not yet 5 yrs. old, as required by Medicare.


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        Thanks! I've got 8 years until I reach 25 and become eligible for my employer healthcare. At that time I'll be 53. At that point it'll be a matter of health and motivation if I want to continue toward age 60, which is the retirement age for my employer.


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          Your first SSDI check will be 6 months after you are approved for SSDI. You will then be eligible for Medicare 2 years from the date you receive your first SSDI check.