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Might get a chance to move to Canada for job. How to make it work? (C5 complete quad)

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  • Might get a chance to move to Canada for job. How to make it work? (C5 complete quad)

    Hi everyone,
    I know there's a travel ban in almost every country so to clarify, this is about the future, when things will settle down.

    I work as a software developer in India, and was recently approached by a large tech company for an engineering role in Vancouver. They want to finalize candidates now, in order to start Visa process once the borders open up.

    It has always been my dream to move to US/CAN, even before the injury, but I gave up on it like most of my dreams. This has given me some hope again so I said yes for the interview, which will be scheduled next week. (Their interviews are difficult so I might not get selected, but that's ok, I want to try)

    However, in the event that I'm selected, I want to understand how can I make it work? or is it even possible to make it work? am I being naive in thinking that I can travel across the world and live there?

    ​​​​​​The only major thing I'm worried about is caregiver. I have a Live-in caregiver here, who has been with me for 4 years now. I doubt he will be allowed a visa because A) he doesn't speak English B) he cannot "work" there technically.

    In terms of my abilities, I am pretty much a quad as they come. physically dependent on one person for bathing, bowel, bladder, clothes, lift and shift to my ZRA. once I'm in the chair I can manage to eat, drink, wear tshirt,work on my laptop, maybe go for a roll if there are no curbs, all by my own. So pretty much can't do anything apart from working and other non essential activities.

    This is why I will be needing a caregiver. So my questions to you all, and especially people from Canada are:
    • How easy is it to find a responsible caregiver who wouldn't bail on me? and where do i begin? Here in my town, I have my parents so it wasn't an issue even if caregiver went away for a few days, but I'll be all alone there
    • How much does it cost to get a live in caregiver? I need to know if the salary they offer me is enough to rent an apartment + pay caregivers salary + survive + save
    • Is there any miracle by which I can take my caregiver with me? (he's not really qualified to get a nursing licence in Canada)

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    Congrats on the job prospect. i lived in Vancouver pre/post my injury and went to the GF Stronge rehab. Of all the cities in Canada and US,Vancouver is one of the best if not the best for wheelchair living and support.

    I suggest you contact the Canadian Paraplegic Association for information you need.


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      Thanks, Patrick. There are a lot of links for Canadian Paraplegic Association, is there a specific one for British Columbia?

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    If you choose to live in Ontario, I would recommend looking at the 'Direct Funding' website for information on hiring a psw. I live in Toronto and employ caregivers with the assistance provided by this program.


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