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Does anyone have experience with Medicaid Buy-In plans? Thoughts or opinions?

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  • Does anyone have experience with Medicaid Buy-In plans? Thoughts or opinions?

    My state does not offer a Medicaid Buy-In option. They seems like a great idea, though. This type of plan could help people maintain their benefits like caregivers, therapy, medical supplies, etc., but could allow them to work without fearing losing needed supports covered by Medicaid. I'm trying to identify the best and worst plans like this around the country. Do you know of one? Do you or have you used it? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it.

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    I hear Colorado has a good program. In New Mexico, we don't have a Buy-In program. That I know of, the closest thing we have is a Medicare Carve-Out plan. From what I understand, it is primarily offered because the options to purchase Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policies here is very limited, if even possible, for people under 65.
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      I am no longer eligible for my state's program (PA) due to exceeding income limits (which I guess is a good thing), however I went from paying $61/month under MAWD, to $55/week under Act 150, which does stink. My primary purpose of continuing in MAWD was for the attendant care coverage (which Act 150 also provides), but it also picked up copays. I otherwise have private insurance through my employer.

      It does seem like Colorado at quick glance does have a good program, with higher then comparison income limits and no resource limit.


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        Health insurance in this country is so ridiculous. My state had no medicaid buyin and when I started looking at getting a job I figured to be better off that working the maximum allowable limit before you hit gainful employment plus my $800 a month SSDI, I’d have to have a salary north of $65k it so. A hard jump to make with just a high school diploma. That’s certainly one of the reasons why I stayed in school for a million years and picked a career path with higher pay.

        $55 a week sounds like a steal of a deal for medicaid. I’d take that every day of the week.


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          Act 150 for $55 is not for Medicaid. There is no health insurance coverage. It supports my attendant care coverage.


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            You have heard correct ABQwheelin, Colorado has a great Medicaid buy-in for working adults with disabilities. Currently it ends at age 65, but we are running a bill to fix that. You can earn up to 450% of the Federal Poverty Level after SSI disregards, which means if you have only earned income you can earn up to $9,453/month!

            I love New Mexico, but Colorado's Medicaid keeps me North of the border.


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              I am on the CO program. I find it difficult to stay on as I am self employed and my income changes. I get the auto generated responses saying I am being kicked off, then I call and am on hold for hours only to be told ‘nevermind’. I am not terribly smart, though, and find the intricacies overwhelming. My lawyer thinks it is totally wrong that a middle class disabled person can buy into it, and he thinks the program will be discontinued soon.
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