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Carlton College in Minnesota- informaiton needed

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    Carlton College in Minnesota- informaiton needed

    Ok. Who lives in Minnesota? Connor is in the final round of a college scholarship and Carleton may offer full tuition, books and fees. We are from Texas- serious climate change. Connor is interested so I am wondering who lives up there and how do you handle the cold and travel around Don't laugh. We close down school here at 30 degrees. Seriously. This is a great school but small. Anyone familiar with accessibility? Connor is a quad C4 incomplete in a powerchair. He will be in a manual by next fall but not full time. Medical care? Worried mom who is trying to be encouraging but worried about finding housing and care for him.

    Weather is a problem up here, especially for one that gets cold easy. Our next 10 day forecast is for highs in the 30's with lows of 20's to teens. I get cold easy and don't spend much time outdoors in winter, warm clothes is a must. Snow/ice can be a problem on roads/sidewalks depending where you live. I live closer to SD. and at times a 4X4 vehicle is required. Northfield is pretty much considered southern MN. and could be 10-15 degrees warmer. I have not been to Northfield during winter but would imagine walkways are kept open because of the college. There is an excellent VA hospital in MPLS., a SCI hub but wouldn't be of much good unless being a veteran. I have not been to any of the other hospitals near that area. If you can get the same type of deal in a better climate location, I'd say forget about MN. Don't mean to discourage you but don't want to mislead either. Good luck whatever you choose.


      I live 20 miles from Northfield. Though I am a para. I drive myself to work.. I have only gotten stuck in my power chair once. In the early spring slop. I have not been to Northfield since my injury 5 years ago. I honestly have no desire to live anywhere else. I have not needed any medical care aside from a burn and the wound clinic is close to mpls. For the cold I wear a nicer winter boot and buy the hot hand items for feet by the box to keep my feet warm.


        Just looking at Carlton from Google Earth, it appears to be a fairly compact campus, which is good. Hard to tell if it is flat or has hills. You will need to find that out.

        Talk to the school and see what they say. If you do not get a good vibe, look elsewhere. MN is generally good with accessibility.

        Northfield is about 1 hr from Sister Kenny and Courage Center (now Courage Kenny??) in the Twincities, they are the SCI specialists around here. The Mayo clinic in Rochester is probably about the same distance.

        This is MN, so yes we get snow, but we are pretty good at clearing it off quickly.

        I would say if you can get good housing lined up with space for manual chair, power chair, and what not, go for it.

        Would Connor be staying over summers? Much nicer weather, though it can get humid, and it would be a good time to pick up any classes offered that meet his requirements.

        One last thought, wool base layers, including socks. So much better than cotton, especially socks.

        Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
        Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.


          From a friend that wanted to remain anon-

          First of all, Congratulations on getting accepted by Carlton College! It is an excellent school and highly competitive to get in. (Acceptance rate is around 20%) And you can’t beat a full tuition scholarship plus additional benefits.

          Carlton is well known for its barrier-free environment and strong office of Disability Services so accessibility shouldn’t be a problem – if there are any problems they will do everything possible to solve them.

          In addition, Northfield is only an hour from Minneapolis which is a hub of excellent spinal cord injury care and services including Courage Center, Dr. Ann Parr at the University of Minnesota, and even potential access to clinical trials.

          As far as the temperature: yes it gets cold but for that very reason the cities, the highway departments, and the people are well-prepared. A snowmobile suit, good boots, and some nice toasty mittens and you’re set for pretty much anything. Plus, there are lots of activities since the people don’t let the temperature get in the way of having fun. Also, in Minneapolis, the entire downtown is connected by enclosed skyways so that winter or summer, you can go shopping, to events, to restaurants, etc., without going outside. And spring, summer, and fall are beautiful! Plus the people in Minnesota do live up to the expression, “Minnesota Nice.”

          You have a unique opportunity for an excellent education. Winter is only a small percentage of the equation so don’t let a few snowflakes get in the way!