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    I have worked from home since the 90 I amd a trucker I secure loads driver problem solve sometime get my rear chewd out too


      Thank you for sharing your experiences! I really enjoy reading them. It gives me some hope and motivation.

      I looked at USAJOBS and Schedule A hiring recently but was discouraged since getting a federal job with 100% telecommuting seems highly unlikely. (My living situation is complicated so I'm pretty much home-bound.)

      Last time I contacted my local department of vocational services, they wanted me to come in for an in-person interview, which I was unable to do. Do they all require in-person interviews?

      I'm only a few credits away from finishing my computer science degree but I've been sitting on that for over 2 years due to demoralization. A degree isn't even necessary to do well in this field, and even able-bodied, fresh graduates have a tough time finding a job, I've heard. Or I might just be making excuses for the funk I'm in.

      Thanks to your stories, though, I'm motivated enough to try United Spinal Association's peer mentor program to help me with employment.


        Originally posted by 2drwhofans View Post
        If you've got patience, a gift of gab and a video enabled computer -- corporate recruiter might be an option.
        Haha I've definitely not been blessed in that regard. I looked it up and my socially impaired bum is no good for it.

        Originally posted by titanium4motion View Post

        For those who work and telecommute or work at home, share your experience.

        I was 25 years old when I got injured at burst C6/C7 and I made some smart choices back then. I saw there were millions of dollars for people with disabilities to go back to college for free and get into accessible career. Many of those millions of dollars went unspent each year so I decided to spend some of it. I spent a lot of The State of Ohio tax dollars and federal tax dollars and earned three degrees along the way. I broke out of the cycle of SSDI and chose to work. I didn't know I would end up working for NASA. What I earned in a month on SSDI I make in a day now (with benefits).

        I enjoy what I do and when I turn on Aerospace Parkway and enter the federal reservation of NASA Glenn there's a spark of energy that goes off inside of me that keeps me going. The day that spark extinguishes is the day I put in my retirement papers until then NASA is an exciting place to work.

        Work gives you purpose and meaning in life.

        I was just an ordinary young man, no one special or privilege. My father didn't give Lorain County Community College or The University of Akron $250,000 dollars for me to be admitted. I just applied and got in. I studied hard and I didn't quit. I may have to go back to university this fall.

        I encourage anyone who wants to go back to work spend those tax dollars and apply with the federal government at The US government is very flexible with people/employees with disabilities. This is the only place you do have to disclose you have a disability because you are brought aboard by a special hiring authority otherwise you will be process as a regular person. So, please check the box where is asks about disability. Outside the US government I would not disclose that I am a person with a disability until a date and time is setup for an interview. I learned that when I first started job hunting.

        For those of you who do not know what Digital Fabrication is. It is the use of CAD, CNC and 3D printing technologies combined together to make a object instantly or on demand manufacturing.
        Titanium and badjefft, that is so awesome, working for NASA! I looked up digital fabrication and circuit board design, and wow, they seem to require a head for engineering and how things are put together.

        Yea, looking at finishing school again. Maybe even grad school, though not sure if the returns would outweigh the costs. I don't believe vocational services would cover grad school fees.


          I (C5 complete) am a tenured associate professor, and work from home 95% of the time teaching online classes. It has been that way for the last 2 years. My university bought me one of these for attending on-campus meetings:


            I think it is easier to work remotely once you have worked for a company on-site for a while. Many companies are leery about hiring off-site employees which they have not seen perform in an supervised setting before.

            The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


              Computer programmer, Ball Aerospace. I'm free to work remotely as long as I get my work done.


                Originally posted by Iolas View Post
                Hi! I was wondering if there are any folks here who work remotely or at home and what y'all do. Curious and hoping to get some ideas for myself. I've loafed for 10 years since my injury and now that I'm getting on in years, I feel like my window to ever be gainfully employed is closing. :|
                I work at home about half the time. I am an Engineer by training (Materials Science) and the work I do is a combination of product management and applications engineering. While I go into the office about half time, it's mainly for building an maintaining rapport with colleagues and production workers who make the products I manage. Most of my work is on the computer, however. A little CAD, but mostly spreadsheets as I work to optimize designs to specific applications.

                I'm fortunate to have found a company that doesn't care about the paralysis. Many did.
                T3 complete since Sept 2015.


                  I attend - or host - the vast majority of my meetings virtually over Skype for business. I do this even when I'm in the office as the majority of our meetings our working meetings, not long-winded presentations by our leaders. In these meetings we usually have the hosting person's desktop displayed and she or he presents and then we work on filling out things as a group whether it's sales forecasts or technical aspects of a design.

                  I tend to keep myself on mute when I'm not speaking, however, as this minimizes the chance that my three big dogs will be heard barking their head off by the entire group when a god forsaken chipmunk runs through the front yard

                  In case it wasn't answered, the Moon is the best launching point for a Mars mission as the mission wouldn't have to include escaping Earth's orbit in its fuel payload.
                  T3 complete since Sept 2015.


                    I worked for about a year and a half as the division manager for a Maine electrical company since m injury. Hat was all t
                    ecommuting. Thy ent me a laptop nd a cellphone, and I figured out how. Connect to their network ovr the internet and then Sridharan working..