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    It's a bad idea by virtue of it being a meaningless misdirection, back onto an industry that is the perhaps the least relevant contributor to the core issue with US healthcare (which is: doctors charge too much).

    A better next idea would be to give everyone the same haircut we already gave insurers: No markup, industry wide, more than 15%. 85% of the price, for every transaction, should be directly for covering the actual cost of medically necessary services or products.

    Without a fundamental shift in the nature of the provider/payer/patient transaction, nothing will change. A single payer won't change it. Where the money comes from won't change it. The heart of the entire industry: the fact it is a TRANSACTION in the first place, is the issue. The fact healthcare is transactional, and costs more than most people can afford, rests squarely on the provider side. Insurance would never have been invented if providers didn't want as much money as they could get in exchange for helping people.

    Pricing is the problem, not which (or how many) places pay the bill. The "insurance" part of the pricing equation is the best thing we have going for us; without it, we'd all be royally fucked by the provider side of the equation.

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    I vote for this. And the only way to do that is a single payer system. I?ve been saying this for a decade, before it was cool to be socialist and want Medicare for all. It won?t happen in this country short of some kind of apocalyptic event like World War III but that doesn?t make it a bad idea.
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