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Supremes to Tackle Expert Testimony in Disability Cases

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    Supremes to Tackle Expert Testimony in Disability Cases

    I struggled with what forum to use for this topic. I really didn't want to put it in Politics, because I don't think this is a political issue. Hope mods will leave this thread on this forum or if necessary transfer to another forum, but preferably not Politics.

    Wondering how the Supreme Court will rule in this case?

    Supremes to Tackle Expert Testimony in Disability Cases
    To read more:

    Court House News
    by Kevin Lessmiller
    June 25, 2018

    The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether a vocational expert?s testimony in a disability case constitutes evidence of other jobs available to an injured worker when the expert didn?t provide underlying data to support their testimony.

    Michael Biestek spent most of his career working as a carpenter and laborer in construction jobs. In addition to a year of college, he received vocational training as a bricklayer and carpenter. He stopped working in 2005, claiming he suffered from degenerative disc disease, Hepatitis C and depression.

    Biestek's application for disability benefits, which alleged a disability onset date of October 2009, was initially denied by the Social Security Administration in 2010. He challenged the decision but was denied review by the SSA's appeals council.

    He then appealed to the district court, which remanded the case to the SSA based on its finding that the administrative law judge did not obtain medical-expert testimony or "pose a sufficiently specific hypothetical to the vocational expert," according to court records.

    After another hearing, the administrative law judge found that Biestek was disabled beginning on his 50th birthday, May 4, 2013, but that he was not disabled before that date.