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  • Best stock market website

    I can?t seem to find one that easily does everything I want. My wishes are very basic. Is there any that easily shows values and growth percentages at any interval you pick, and keeps a reliable watchlist? And has good articles?

    I used to like CNBC, but it always crashed my computer, and now I can?t even figure out where to enter a ticker. Yahoo doesn?t seem to show percentages. I can?t figure out how to tell CNNMoney what symbol I want to see. I don?t like MSN, MorningStar, Reuters? (Although I can?t say how I might feel if I weren?t stuck in cell phone view.) What do people like?

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    How do you trade? Ameritrade has a few features. Not sure any of them are perfect.
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      I'm really liking for the free options out there..