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  • Help with geometric progression

    I really have no idea my terms, but I remember the concept from junior high. If a series starts with 100 and increases by 0.01 each day, what will the value be after 100 days?

    Can you show me the formula, or how to plug it in on this website?

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    Here's your equation with answer.
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      Thank you so much. I forgot how handy exponents are when you are feeling stymied by iteration.

      Now I am wondering:

      = Does MS office have any tools or is there any online calculator that would let me achieve the exponent?
      = Does anyone know how I could start with the end value and solve for n?


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        Divide end value by 100, then take the log in base 1.01

        n= log1.01(in/100)

        where in is the end value.

        You can use the log function in excel to compute your answer by entering the formula: =log(X,1.01). In this case, you would enter in/100 for X. Excel will solve for n.
        You can create a table in excel for each value of n from 1-100 by following these 3 steps:

        1) In cell A1 enter the starting value of 100
        2) In cell A2 enter the formula = A1*1.01
        3) copy the formula in cell A2 to cells A3-A101

        You will then have a table listing the end values for each value of n.
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