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  • Solo business travel??

    For quite some time after I was injured I assumed I'd get back to work and be capable of traveling on my own, albeit less frequently and likely much reduced international travel. Then I actually started traveling with my wife and that idea crumbled. The increased luggage requirements (shower/commode chair) and unpredictability of hotel "accessible" rooms made solo travel for a T3 complete seem insane. I remember getting to transfer into a bed that was too high and feeling like a beached whale when I only got my upper half onto the bed with zero means for pulling the rest of me onto it. Or the time the "accessible" room meant a vertical grab bar on the bath/shower wall and not one thing more.

    So I'm curious if there are higher thoracic-completes who manage to travel alone and how you manage such things. I'm good with the airplane portion, but most interested in:
    - luggage and DME especially
    - hotel room accessibility issues
    - rental cars!

    T3 complete since Sept 2015.

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    I'll speak to the hotel question specifically. I share your frustration with 'accessible' hotel rooms and the issues of bed height, the lack of clearance around the room, and shower/bathroom designs. I was just on a local 'getaway' trip with my spouse and the bed height was a good 6" above my chair. I found taking an ikea children's bathroom stool and slide board helps, btw. On an upcoming trip that I'm attempting solo, I contacted the hotel (a Hyatt) and asked for photos and details around the bathroom, bed, clearance. I was thrilled to find out that they'd already responded to the requests of wheelchair users and lowered the bed to 22", the shower was roll-in, the clearance around the bed looks great in photos, and they installed a shower head that 'pauses' when I asked if this was available (they understood why this was a safety issue). I also found a local agency that offers 'visits' (defined as <2 hours) to make sure you are up and out in the morning. I'll report back after the trip is over.


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      Thanks for the input HockeyFan. Looking forward to hearing how your solo journey goes.
      Will you take a shower/commode chair?
      I'm not able to handle my bowel program on a toilet - at least none I've tried so far - so I take one that my wife assembles...
      T3 complete since Sept 2015.