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Florida property tax exemption

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    Florida property tax exemption

    Are all people who are disabled and in a wheelchair 100 percent property tax exempt in Florida on their house?

    From Nolo Press:

    Are You Getting All Your Florida Property Tax Breaks?
    Make sure you're not paying more in Florida property taxes than you have to.
    • Disabled veteran. In addition to the usual homestead exemptions, you may qualify for a tax discount if you?re 65 years old or older, and have a disability that?s wholly or partly due to combat.
    • Other disabled people. If you?re blind, or totally and permanently disabled, you qualify for a $500 exemption from Florida property taxes.

    From Trip Savvy;
    Disability Exemptions for Florida Homeowners

    Residents who have various types of disabilities are eligible for exemptions ranging from $500 to complete relief from property taxes. These exemptions include the following:
    • Disability exemptions of $500 are available to Florida homeowners who are totally and permanently disabled.
    • Blindness exemptions of $500 are available to legally blind residents.
    • Quadriplegic exemptions are available on real estate owned and used as a homestead by a quadriplegic. Such homesteads are completely exempt from property tax.
    • Total disability exemptions are available on real estate owned and used as a homestead by a totally and permanently disabled person who must use a wheelchair or is legally blind and meets income requirements. This exemption provides complete relief from property taxes.

    Property Tax Exemptions

    Homestead Exemptions are available on primary residences in Florida. These exemptions can be available up to $50,000. However, only the first $25,000 of this exemption applies to all taxes. The remaining $25,000 only applies to non-school taxes.
    Widow(er) Exemptions of $500 are available to widows and widowers who have not remarried. If you were divorced at the time of your ex-spouse?€™s death, you do not qualify for this exemption.
    Senior Citizen Exemptions are available in counties and cities only. They are valued up to $50,000 for residents 65 years old and older who have gross income below $20,000 in 2001 dollars, adjusted for inflation. This exemption is in addition to the Homestead Exemption.
    Blind Person Exemptions of $500 are available to Floridians who are legally blind.
    Total and Permanent Disability Exemptions are available for homeowners who have a total and permanent disability. Quadriplegics who use their property as a homestead are exempt from all property taxes. Others who must use a wheelchair for mobility or are legally blind and have a gross income below $14,500 in 1991 dollars, adjusted for inflation, can be exempt from all property taxes as well.
    Veterans Exemptions exist in a number of different forms.
    • A veteran documented as disabled by 10% or more in war or service-connected events can earn an additional exemption of $5,000 on any owned property.
    • An honorably discharged veteran who is totally and permanently disabled or requires a wheelchair for mobility due to their service can be exempt from all property taxes. In some circumstances, this benefit can be transferred to a surviving spouse.
    • An honorably discharged and disabled veteran who is 65 or older who was a Florida resident when they entered military service may be eligible for an additional exemption. The disability must be permanent and must have been acquired as a result of the military service. The property tax will be discounted based on the percent of the disability.
    • Members of the military deployed during the last calendar year can receive exemptions based on the percent of time during the year they were deployed.
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