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Para Work Status - full time, part time, disability?

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  • Para Work Status - full time, part time, disability?


    I am curious, how many of us work full time, work part time, or can't work and receive disability? I have been a para for about 6 six years now and continue to work full time. Very hard and stressful on my body and just curious of everyone's situation.

    Thanks for replying!


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    c4, 5 years and full time here...its a challenge


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      15 years full time now. Might retire this year for a number of reasons, but definitely will in 7 years once the pension 'magic number' of age/years of service adds up.


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        Forgot to add, I am T-10, complete.


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          I had good disability insurance when I got hurt 11 years ago (T12) so I decided to stay home and homeschool my kids instead of returning to full-time employment. 2 have since grown, and 2 are still here, so I've got another 5-7 years of this life before I will make any changes. I really can't imagine working full-time, away from home, and dealing with the levels of pain and general discomfort I experience. My hat is off to all of you that make it work, pun intended. I'm thankful everyday I was well situated in my life and career before SCI so I didn't have to push myself even harder to keep myself and my family afloat.
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            I worked for 42 years until my wife qualified for Medicare. I always worked from home which lessened much of the wear and tear.

            Injured at age 18 am now 70
            Freshman in college at the time
            Injury is complete at C4
            I managed investments for most of those 42 years
            I lost SSDI benefits after reaching a certain income level
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              There are a number of factors that should be considered for this, including:
              • Age at injury and age now
              • Was the person working at the time of their injury?
              • Level and completeness of injury
              • What kind of work?
              • Financial disincentives for working such as loss of Medicaid and attendant care benefits

              It would be helpful for those responding to this to include this information.

              The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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                30 years full time office work. T-4 complete 54 yrs old. Most likely the end for me at the end of the year. Body cannot take it anymore. Hopefully I can get on SSDI.


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                  Wow, 30 years is awesome. I am 34 years old, have been in the chair for 6 years, have been working with the same company for 10 years, construction equipment rental company, most of it is office type work however I over see 4 different locations and travel a good bit. Money is great just not sure how long I can do it, at what point does the $$ not matter because you are jeopardizing your health.

                  Mike_Stan do you think SSDI will approve since you have been working. I have thought about that a lot with my situation. I have a felling they would say "well you have worked 6 years with your disability so why can't you work now all of a sudden"? You know what I mean.


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                    c6c7 hurt 2001 work full time except no more on site sales call last on was home depot in atl just to hard on me but they were very assessable but i had already converted to having an office on my farm we had 4 employess there to so it was easy fyi i still work @ 67


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                      SCI is automatically qualifying for SSDI. You could quit on your own accord tomorrow and start collecting SSDI 6 months from now (or is it a year, I forget). But continuing working with associated pay increases and higher level income 'quarters' boosts the SSDI, so it can be beneficial to keep working. Check out SS's website for a payment estimate to see what disability would get you, they do that without actually applying


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                        Designer for NASA. Employed 26 years, this September will 25 years for NASA. I am C6-C7 post 30 years injured. Injured at the prime age of 25 years old. Employment is excellent and pays very good with a lot of benefits; telecommute, retirement, health & life insurance.

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                          That was my concern too MNicholson81. Thought they might say you have been working all these years with your problems.... keep on working. Andy says SCI is an automatic qualifier for SSDI. Hope that is the case. Have to wait the 6 months for SSDI and then 2 years after that for Medicare. Hopefully I can afford the health insurance once Trump gets rids of Obama Care for those 2 years.


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                            I worked 30 years post injury (T-10), my only regret is that I did not retire earlier. Although you sacrifice income, you usually underestimate how much it costs to work.

                            If you have a spinal cord injury requiring you to use a wheelchair for mobility, you will automatically be found eligible for SSDI as long as you have an adequate, recent work history and you are not working when you apply. Might want to apply sooner rather than later as Trumpians seem especially interested in "reforming" Social Security Disability.


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                              I'm 9 years post T8 complete injured at 24. Just went back to work a year ago, although that's a little disingenuous because I went back to school full time 8 months after my injury and probably put in an average of 65 hours a week for the last five years of school.

                              my hats off to all of you who do office jobs. I think I'd shoot myself in the face if I had to sit all day in front of my computer 40 hours a week. I mean I probably do that 3/5 of my work day, but at least it's not the same computer and the same colleagues every day, and besides the other 2/5 I my time makes up for it.