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    Medical Supplies Coverage

    Hi, I was hoping to get an idea of what medical supplies are generally covered by insurances? My local medical supply store leads me to believe that less and less is covered. I currently have Aetna PPO as my primary insurance through my employer, with DMEnsions as my medical supply coverage. These are the monthly supplies I currently use (*'s are currently covered):

    -Clear Advantage external Catheters *
    -Skin Prep
    -Disposable Blue Pads *
    -Adult wipes
    -Magic Bullet suppositories
    -Lubricating jelly
    -Leg bags/Night bags *

    When I had private insurance through my employer, they only covered the catheters, leg and night drain bags. They did not cover disposable underpads.

    Medicare only covers catheters and the drain bags. None of the other supplies on your list are covered by Medicare. Most insurance companies follow the Medicare coverage model for supplies.


      Thanks! With that said, what are the best/cheapest online supply stores for those items not covered?


        Currently, I'm either using Express Medical ( or Amazon. If I'm not ordering enough to meet Express Medical free shipment minimum, I'll go to Amazon, where we have a Prime account for "free" (of course there is a fee for Prime) shipping. Every once in a while, I'll run my list of items against other medical suppliers, but this has been working pretty well for me.

        I buy nitrile gloves at Costco during one of our runs to that store. I believe you get two boxes of 200 "Kirkland" gloves each and they come in S,M,L. I've seen prices vary from store to store around the country.

        I buy adult hygiene wipes at Walgreens. They sell a brand called Certainty adult washcloths that are generously sized. They come 48 to the pack and in my area generally sell for 2 packs for $10, and you must buy two. One will run you $5.99. Costco has some wipes that are pretty well priced too. However, I find when I have to buy as many packages as they sell in a box, they dry out over time, even unopened.


          Of the items on your list, our PPO would only have covered the external catheters.

          Like gjnl, I use Amazon Prime a lot.
          I also signed up on the Amazon price tracker site
          I get alerts when prices for what I want drop.

          I signed up for e-mails from Allegro Medical. I buy in bulk when they offer free shipping and a decent percent discount. Most Allegro Medical items are at my door within 2 days of ordering.


            If disposable blue pads are what I think they are (like chucks in the hospital?) they make washable ones which are reusable, they can be found on amazon.

            I get gloves from amazon by the case 1000 each.

            Magic Bullets are a pain in the ass to find sometimes (no pun intended). The cheapest I have reliably found them is at sportaid, but when they're gone, they're gone everywhere (except people selling them for $5 each on ebay).

            Not sure what makes adult wipes different from baby wipes, but those are readily available and cheap at walmart.