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Trying to find grants

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    Trying to find grants

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to find grants that can help me purchase a modified vehicle so I can start driving again. Does anyone have any experience with getting grants for a vehicle or have any suggestions for fundraising? I've had go fund me but I haven't had much success with it. Thanks!

    I probably don't have an answer to your question, but I feel like those who might have an answer will need more information such as:
    1) What is your injury level
    2) How many people in your family (just you, wife and kids, etc, etc)
    3) Are you working? If not what is your income from and how much are you getting (lots of programs/aid agencies have income requirements)? Also related to #2 above, if married or living with parents, etc, how much do they make?
    4) Where do you live (assuming US because most people here are, but I could be completely wrong, and even if I'm right it matters very much what state you live in)
    5) What kind of vehicle do you need? (also related to #1) if you can get by with a $1200 clunker from craigslist and a pair of temporary hand controls this is much different than if you need a brand new van with an $80,000 makeover so you can drive it with a sip and puff device with an automated ramp and automatic doors.
    6) Why do you need the vehicle? If it's for going back to work or school and you live in the US, you've got a reasonable chance of your state vocational rehabilitation or DOR (dept of rehab as I have been informed of late) pitching in to help out.

    There's probably more questions required for a more fine tuned answer, but that's all I could come up with off the cuff. Like I said, sorry for interjecting in the middle without useful information... hope you find what you are looking for.