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Collecting Disability

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    Collecting Disability

    When you collect social security disability do you automatically go on medicare or is there a waiting period?

    For those of you who are on medicare is that enough insurance coverage or do you need a suppliment?

    So here is how it is working for me: I was injured. Six months later I became eligible for and began collecting SSDI. Two years after that (so 30 months after the injury date), Medicare kicks in. I do not trust Medicare to be enough coverage, and so I am signing up for a Medigap plan, which will be effective the same day Medicare kicks in.


      Two years after you become eligible for SSDI, you are enrolled in Medicare A at no cost. Medicare part A is hospital insurance.

      Here's what Medicare A covers:

      Medicare A isn't enough though. You'll need Medicare B, which, for most people costs a little over $104 a month. Depending on your annual income the cost of part B can be way more. Medicare part B is your medical insurance for outpatient visits and other services.

      Here's what Medicare B covers:

      Are Medicare A plus B enough? Not really. You'll have a annual deductible. After the deductible, you pay 20 percent of the allowable charges for a doctor's services. Lets say you see a doctor and he/she sends you a bill for $150. Medicare says the allowable charge for those services is $100. If you've met the deductible for the year, Medicare pays $80 and you pay $20.
      There are Medicare Supplement plans ( Medigap ) that you can buy to cover the 20% payments

      You'll need medications, so there's Medicare part D

      There are also Medicare Advantage plans that bundle together the different parts of Medicare and lower your out of pocket costs but also limit your provider network and, in the case of United Healthcare, don't cover things like urinary catheters.


        Once I start collecting SSDI and am deemed eligible for Medicare after 2 years am I required to take Medicare or could I get on the Affordable Health Care/Obama Care and pick up a separate health care insurance plan?


          I think you can turn down Part B but not Part A. Parts A&B plus a supplement would probably give you better coverage for less money than an ACA plan. The out of pocket deductibles on some of those ACA plans are pretty steep.
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            Depending on your Social Security Income ans SDI, you may be eligible for no cost B and D. Ry pays nothing for these because he was only 17 when injured and his SSI earning were so low and his monthly check does not support him. He also has private insurance through his dad for another couple of years (until he ages out). He still has to pay the Medicare deductible, though Medicare pays his private deductible. They work differently since the private only counts when he uses hospital, lab, exray, etc. The Medicare deductible is less but off the top.

            When he ages out of the group plan, I have no idea what we will do. Supplements for young people are very expensive because they know you will use it. His monthly check will barely cover his medical expenses but leave very little for such things as clothing. I take care of his housing, utilities, food, etc. but he could never make it on his own with the $400 he gets from SSI and SDI.

            Also, do not forget dental, that is Ry's largest medical expense and NOT covered but Medicare. His regular stuff is one thing but his mouth guards (one for sleeping and one for exercise or exertion, are expensive.--eak
            Elizabeth A. Kephart, PHR
            mom/caregiver to Ryan-age 21
            Incomplete C-2 with TBI since 3/09