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    SS DISABILITY question

    Has anyone ever received SS Disability, continued to work using the ss Disability to pay for attendants and equipment to help you work then have them want there money back? Even trying to go back years? What did you do?

    You may want to set up an appointment and meet with a SS representative to straighten things out. Did you previously notify them that you had started to earn a paycheck and the amount? There's a 'trial work period', during which you can continue your SSDI check for 18 months or even many more. You need to calculate your monthly attendant care and equipment costs and be able to show it to them on paper. In short, what are you spending on these disability-related needs?
    You didn't say if you've already done this, so don't know if these comments would apply to you. I once went through the trial work period, but did not require attendant care. During this time I saved my SSDI to make a down payment on a car to drive to work since my cab travel was so high. Eventually I received a notice my benefits would end. Thankfully, they helped me get a kick start on finances.
    Hope you can work something out. Don't forget, there used to be a section of Federal tax return for "work related disability expenses" separate from medical expenses, that would allow you 100% deduction of these expenses. You might be able to research this on line - it's often little known.


      You need to look into IRWEs. They must be approved by SS:

      Impairment-Related Work Expense (IRWE) is a work incentive that allows Social Security to account for the costs of certain impairment-related items and services need to work when determining whether a beneficiary has performed Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). If an IRWE is approved, the cost of the IRWE would be deducted from gross wages to determine countable wages for the month.

      How Impairment-Related Work Expenses help you:
      If you pay out-of-pocket expenses to support your work activity and these expenses are related to your disability, you may qualify for an IRWE. An IRWE allows you to deduct those out of pocket expenses from your gross earnings for the purpose of SGA determinations. The Social Security Administration will not count those expenses when they decide if your “countable earnings” demonstrate performance of Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). In 2015 the SGA level is $1,090 per month. For individuals whose primary disability on record with the Social Security Administration is blindness, the 2015 SGA level is $1,820.

      How Impairment-Related Work Expenses work:
      In order to claim an IRWE, your earnings must be higher than the Substantial Gainful Activity amount and you must have completed your Trial Work Period. For an IRWE deduction to be allowable, the following five criteria must be met:
      • The item or service must be related to your impairment;
      • The item or service enables you to work;
      • The item or service must be paid by you and not reimbursed by another source;
      • The expense for the items must be paid within the month in which you work; and
      • The expense for the item or service must be reasonable.

      Possible IRWEs include, but are not limited to:
      • Out-of pocket medical expenses, like medication co-pays or medical supplies
      • Adaptive equipment
      • Vehicle modifications
      • Personal care attendant costs
      • Service animal costs
      • Some transportation expenses
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