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I am making a video on my rehabilitation routines. Need your advice.

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  • I am making a video on my rehabilitation routines. Need your advice.

    I am a T11-T12 paraplegic for over 15 years now. After my injury I didnt want to be a burden t my family and tried to recover as quickly and do as many things independently as possible. Since I was in Russia I was rather short on money and had very little government and community support. I was forced to create all the necessary equipment and devices by myself from the material commonly available and cheap, like everything that you can buy in Home Depot or similar places. Together with my doctors we developed a certain program for rehabilitation that involved my newly build DIY devices.
    I should say, the program was quite a success, it really improved my physical and mental health, I learnt how to run errands around the house by myself, and more importantly I learnt to stand and walk with walking aids.
    To help everyone in the same situation as myself I decided to make a documentary with detailed instruction on my program and the devices I use. For over five years this filmed has had quite a success in Russia.
    Now I am thinking of translating the film into English to present it to the wider audience. Now my question is:
    Since I am not really familiar with the financial situation and the level of community support in western countries I wonder if there would be a demand for such a film with a detailed program of everyday physical routines and instructions on how to make low cost DIY rehabilitation center at home.
    This is my business project and to cover my expenses I am planning to charge $200 for the film (3 hours long). Do you think it is an adequate price, and would you pay it?
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation and help.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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    I'm not so sure about the $200 dollar price tag there is a lot of FREE information available on the internet as well as plenty of Youtube videos of home made equipment and therapy routines. If you want to put it out there to help your fellow injured I would say go for it but I doubt you will sell many of them.

    My .02