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  • Return to work questions

    Thank you for reading. I was first injured in 1991 (C-6 SCI). I have worked on and off since then. Luckily mostly worked. In 2005 I was unable to work and drew SSDI but returned in 2006. I started a trial work period which ended Nov 2006. I was able to work until Aug 2012 at which time I had a TBI (flipped over backwards) and had to stop work. I started drawing SSDI again. Now I am thinking about going back to work again. I believe that I can do another trial work period? I was lucky enough to have high pay and made more than the taxable limit in 2006-2012. So does the fact that I haven't worked the past two years have an impact on future benefit if I go back to work? Will my current benefit go down if I can only work one year? How is the benefit calculated? The local office told me that I can start a new trial work period but I have to submit pay stubs every month for the 9 month trial and the 36 month extended period. But they were a bit confusing.

    Does anybody have better answers? Thank you very much!