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  • Florida Trip and Credit Card

    So this may be a stupid question, but I am new at learning how to budget. Anyhow, I am heading to Florida in February (yay for waterskiing!!) and am just curious, I feel like it is better to pay off my credit card, save up enough cash to pay my instructor, and then put everything else on credit so I don't end up spending money I don't have or incurring ridiculous amounts of interest over the next 5-6 months. This is my first credit card, so interest is very high, I would still have emerge. cash and instructor money, but I shouldn't have an issue putting food and gas and misc. cost on my credit card, correct? Most places take credit? Without going into major financial detail, does this sound like the best option or, no?



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    The best way to use a credit card is to ALWAYS pay it off every month. That way you don't pay the high interest rate at all. This of course requires that you exercise care and restraint in your purchases, and if you anticipate a large credit purchase, that you put away money in your bank account ahead of time so that you can pay it off immediately when you get the bill.

    Gas stations are one place where you may be better off to pay cash, as the gas rates can be higher for using a credit card. Most other businesses will take a credit card, and in fact some prefer that over cash, such as hotels and car rental companies.

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      I suggest you bring very little cash with you and rely on a credit card and debit card. Because you can always pay them off when you get back from your trip. And any cash you will need you can withdraw it from the debit card. There's ATM's everywhere. And its very dangerous traveling with cash. You can't leave it in a hotel room or on your chair. It wont be there when you get back. And remember, you can't trust anybody you meet, their all strangers to you. And being in a wheelchair makes you an easy target. And Florida is not a very safe state to travel in. I know I live here.


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        I once called the credit card company for a lowered interest rate as I had to purchase an expensive medical item and needed a few months to pay it off. They agreed to it and I believe it was for a specific number of months.
        If you have EVER put medical expenses on card maybe you can negotiate with card company that you are paralyzed and want/need a vacation, can they help by giving a lower interest rate for 6 months? They are not as ruthless as you might think.
        Even though it's your first card, tell them you want to maintain excellent credit and keep using your card. (Remember they are making gobs of money!)
        If you do this, be sure the rate goes back to the old rate when payments complete.


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          Gas stations like to make a spoof of your credit card .. I would recommend only using cash at those places. Also, you should let your credit card company know that you are travelling so they don't stop payments on you and know that it will be YOU making the charges. Don't use your credit card anywhere but reputable places .. then again, Home Depot just had all of their information stolen so catch-22!
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            I travel all over the world. Use the credit card. It is protected against unwanted/illegal charges. Take 50-60 bucks in cash. I usually take 20 and come back with most of that. You can almost always find a gas station that charges the same for cash as credit. Being this is your first card. Pay it off early. I think its 9-10 days. It ups you're credit rating. After 3-4 months of paying your bill, ask to raise your available credit. Part of your credit rating is a percentage of your available credit. If you have 1000 a month credit limit and use 500 of it your rating is lower than if you have 5000 a month available and use 1000 of it.


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              I have raised it a few tomes and make bi-weekly payments. Thanks for the advice all!


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                Good advice from Rainman, you don't want to be carrying around too much cash so just use your credit card and pay it off when you get home. You may also want to look into a credit card where you get perks. I have a Hilton Honors credit card and I get points for when I use it for stays at Hilton brand hotels like Hampton inns and Homewood suites. I also get points for paid stays at hotels and it translates into free hotel night stays once you accumulate enough points on your credit card. I've had this many years and it's been great, I get around ten free hotel night stays every year with all the travel I do and a lot of extra perks at the hotels like 2 free bottles of water a night, snacks, free breakfast and parking etc.
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