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Dependent coverage past age 26

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    Dependent coverage past age 26

    Hello all,

    I did a quick search on the forum and wasn't able to find anything, so I figured I would start a thread about it...

    Anyways, I've been covered under my father's insurance policy and was wondering if any of y'all have applied for a continuation of coverage for a disabled dependent child, at age 26 and older?

    If possible, I would really like to stay on his plan because my alternatives are not nearly as nice.


    I believe you can stay on his plan for life


      Well, as long as he is employed. In most states (in the USA anyway -- you didn't say where you lived) a child who is incapable of supporting himself due to mental or physical disability can continue to be covered on a parent’s health insurance.

      I'd check with your government or state insurance commission and your father's employer.


        I was under my mother's insurance through the Mayo clinic until she just recently lost her job there and I'm 35. They were going to cover me until the end of the year. They basically cover me for anything I asked for but they didn't necessarily have the best doctors for spinal cord injury. Now I'm covered through mercy care state insurance. They're working with me very well and I have a doctor willing to cover basically anything I ask for. My neurologist at the Mayo Clinic has referred me to a Dr. at Barros neurological Institute to help take care of my seizures and has also given me a way to go through Mayo to keep seeing him. After this last batch of seizures I had I'm kind of freaked out about trying someone new although my memory is so screwed up for my medication I barely remember seeing the doctors I have. Good luck getting it figured out. Sorry I kind of wandered off topic.
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        Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.


          Thanks for all the replies.

          I live in Texas. My only concern is that, yes, I'm in a wheelchair and disabled, but I could still hold a job if I wanted to. Unfortunately, I'm still in school for the next two years. However, once I'm done, I won't have a problem getting my own insurance. I'd prefer not to pay and be on a crappy student insurance if I don't have to.

          In a nut shell, I just want to know if others have/have not been successful and if it's worth my time to apply.