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Disabled people setting up business

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    Disabled people setting up business

    Finally the 5 storey building is near completion, it is the same one that caused my injury. In hindsight the massive amount of investment to build 5 floors would have been put to better use had the build been completed at 2 and the rest added later on however what's done is done. It is also what i know best which is building construction and building services.
    The original idea was to set up building services in terms of electrical and plumbing design and also to sell related fittings, accessories and fixtures. however both my wife and i have decided to remain committed to the teaching practice and do not wish to venture full time into this project. My only worry is the major change in business plan and associated risk. In business terms i don't like major changes in plan however my injury condition will be a major constraint should i opt full for full time. My wife wishes to play it safe and has opted to rent out the place to a known company who has expressed interest for a period of 3 years, however all finishings must be complete by lessor. I have contacted the local gaming authority whom will allow the ground floor to be converted into a game parlour and ticketing sale point, This i am interested in as the income is greater and only the g/f would need furnishing. i can also employ a disabled person tax free to operate the facility without need of extra help. however i am at loss at what to do with the other floors.
    The location is excellent for passing trade
    Are there other disabled people out there who have set up business i would appreciate your experience and ideas.

    I'd been very interested in operating my own business but I don't know. Do you think you could work full time?

    Your plans sounds great...I hope things work out for you.
    C4/5 incomplete, 17 years since injury

    "The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.” - Carlos Castaneda

    "We live not alone but chained to a creature of a different kingdom: our body." - Marcel Proust



      I know three wheelchair persons who run their own business one which has limited hand function.
      The idea of managing a lotto sales point on a local scenario is that the Maltese are well known for gambling and it is legal. fortunatly for sale tickets this is good. (easy money). i know nothing about gaming nor do i like it but only interested in the offside profit.
      I condider this job as low skill however the person gets paid on the amount of tickets sold and hours can be flexible. A wheelie person can not only compete with an A/B but even do a better job in this area, why i am interested. Again the groundfloor has a TV, accessible toilet and back room for rest purpose. There are quite good initiatives for disabled people in employment here too. i designed the place for accessibility but do not want to run it myself.
      As for me i work full time and part time which amounts to over 70hs a week mostly lecturing tutorials and assessing assignments.
      This project is complete in shell form,a young disabled lady (wheelchair bound) is very interested, has good IT skills while her mother will most probably be aiding her for free. i most probably will offer it to her, my wife is not interested in whom runs the place but just does not want any problems or hassle. Hopefully i might get some financial aid from Gov for the last push in finishings. my only concern is geting the project to fruition with the least amount of expenses.


        It would be most welcoming to hear how other wheelie people are doing in setting up their own busnesses.