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    Originally posted by cass View Post
    rainman, do you encourage ppl paying some company, like Experian, to monitor credit reports? I have been using them to monitor 3 major credit report companies for a couple yrs now. I have found it helpful, not very expensive. I know I can pull my own report once a yr but...I like the info they give me every 2-3 months, which is how I saw the drop in credit rating during refi.yr ago. what do you think? are these monitoring services worth it? I think so. like to keep a close eye on my personal finances. one time, yrs ago, a bank teller allowed a bank withdrawal from my checking by someone with a name similar to mine. while, I think it was a mistake and the bank credited me, I still had to close my chking acct and be inconvenienced due to a teller mistake. I watch everything daily now. well, actually I have been watching online for yrs prior to my catching this mistake. I still was told to shut down my bank accounts. why? the teller made the mistake. I just encourage ppl to check accts daily online, and if have cc, set them up to notify you via e of charges. I, literally, get an e from cap one and ba within minutes of a charge. thanks again rainman. your info is really helpful

    oh, and watch paypal. I have never used them, but again, due to a name similarity, I was being told I owed over 3k yrs ago. I took care of it in one long phone call, was actually called a liar then profusely apologized to at the end. crazy. I have never had nor know how to use paypal acct. daily. I am not a victim of id theft. I don't respond to links (even from most friends) or phone calls. just be really careful. from what I gathered, the paypal thing was just a total screw up. never used it, don't even know how.

    Yes I do. I use Equifax. I think it's very important to protect your assets.