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    The apartment I am currently renting requires rent paid on the 1st or a late fee. They have allowed me to pay by the 3rd bc my SSDI doesn't show up in time depending on day it falls on.

    I am 99% sure I was moving out anyways but they told be if renew that I will have to pay by the 1st with a new lease no exceptions. I have lived in a few apartments over the years and also worked in real estate sales and management before accident and I've never seen a no grace period. Like I said it doesn't matter bc I am not renewing but I think that is just super greedy and wish it violated something. They whole rental market sucks. They control prices bc they know so many can't buy and have to rent. My rent is usually more than a lot of mortgages would be for a house bigger than apartment.


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    So plan ahead and pay out of the previous month's check.

    There's no law that requires a grace period.


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      Yea I know it is all about what is in the lease. My point was that could put a bit strain on someone trying to get by with SSDI only. I have worked some and thankfully have family support but if not getting by with $1150 SSDI a month and kind of living check to check could be pretty difficult especially when you may not get the money until 2 days after rent is due and late fees will occur


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        Any reason why the lease didn't convert to month to month? I'd be beating my head on the wall if I had to write leases every year...the original lease specs should cover whatever rental issues need addressing. I figure the timing after a year would show if the rental is a good fit for both parties involved, if not, see ya.


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          Every place I have ever lived had a grace period of 5 days. This allowed me to pay my rent when my SSDI check arrived on the third. I agree, many people live month to month and have to rely on their SSI/SSDIcheck to arrive in order to pay that months rent, it is difficult. Could you negotiate with them and have the lease state that your rent is due on the third. SSDI should never arrive in your account after the third because if the third lands on a holiday or non-banking day the goverment deposits checks on the nearest previous banking day.

          Just an FYI-though this may well not apply to you-in MA the housing law is written that if a landlord has consistently accepted rent checks that were late-(if they are always written on the 3rd for example) and has never charged a late fee or taken corrective action (written notice) that the tenant can not be evicted for late payment because by accepting and cashing the late check the landlord is agreeing that the late payment is acceptable. This is a synopsis of the law obviously and refers only to MA.
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