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    Originally posted by Random View Post
    Thanks. How does one buy gold by itself? Did I read something about the physical stuff versus gold on paper? Does that mean you actually have something you can hold and put in a safety-deposit box? Do people do that kind of thing anymore, and feel safe about it? And are there funds weighted in gold? Thoughts on other metals? I think my 403B is limited to proprietary funds.
    You buy it...and there you have it. I recommend sticking with 1 oz increments, either coin or bars, lower premium on that vs. fractional sizes. This place is good on the premiums and free shipping...


      The problem with owning the physical gold is. When it's time to get out your more likely to wait. And when gold hits the top, it will move so quickly down you'll miss the sell spot.


        there's no way I could do all that. Is it one of those things where you can tell them to sell it when it hits a certain amount? Can you do it that way, buy the physical stuff – buy it, have someone hold it, and trade for you when you say? And Otherwise, does it make sense to just hold long-term. Does it eventually go where it's worth it, if you miss the peaks? Imagine punctuation, not dictated by Gragon. Imagine the #–/*#$= program, new how to spell its own name. I now stop thuus wasting imagination.


          It is more of an insurance policy rather than a trading vehicle. If you believe that the current fiat currency systems are stable, it probably isn't for you. If you believe that the hubris of central bankers to inflate debt away along with near zero interest rates to 'fix' various issues might not be in-line with your goal of preserving your is for you. You need to ask yourself if you feel able to counter these things via 'bigger fool' games like stocks, and if you are confident of the current market's computer playground/alternate reality governmental economic health indicator functions to continue. And if the stock market's nominal tracking of currency debasement is really tracking the real levels of debasement.

          Just a matter of perception that you need to choose.