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New Organization Aims To Create a More Inclusive Federal Government

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    New Organization Aims To Create a More Inclusive Federal Government

    New Organization:
    A new non-profit organization, Federal Employees with Disabilities, Incorporated (FEDs), opened its membership to the public. The purpose of FEDs is to give Federal employees with disabilities a stronger and more effective voice in the Federal workplace. Employees with disabilities often deal with unique barriers that limit their efficiency and productivity and, ultimately, their career. Securing appropriate accommodations can be problematic, and Federal managers may not be aware of their requirements to provide them. FEDs believes that this is just one of many reasons causing the Federal Government to have a low retention rate for employees with disabilities.

    Our Mission:
    To fight the prohibited discriminations within the federal government against federally employed Workers with Disabilities. We encourage diversity for inclusion and equity in the workplace, and for the advancement and professional growth of people with disabilities in the federal service by:
    -encouraging diversity and equality in the workplace
    -enhancing career opportunities
    -establishing and maintaining relationships with organizations to advocate the fair application of laws, policies, procedures and practices
    -improving the quality of life for people with disabilities by taking actions to improve their workplace
    -committing to maintain a unified and diverse membership and providing opportunities for professional growth

    Our goal is to help Federal employees with disabilities have a say in how the Federal Government addresses their concerns. The common mantra in the national disability community is ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us,’ said Jason Olsen, founder and President of FEDs. “We hold that mantra very close to our hearts. We simply want Federal employees with disabilities to have a real voice in what happens to them on the job.”

    We are Seeking Leaders:
    FEDs membership is open to any Federal employee, former Federal employee, any individual seeking Federal employment, Federal interns or student workers and anyone with an interest in improving the Federal government’s rate of recruiting, hiring, retaining and promoting people with disabilities. For the first year only, there is also the option to become a Founding Member which assists with start-up costs. If you are interested in any of these memberships, please visit

    The organization is also currently seeking motivated members with disabilities who are able to work independently on a high-energy committee for the next year, to help grow and build this critical voice for Federal employees with disabilities. If you are a Federal employee with a disability who is interested in building this new organization please submit your contact information to along with any information related to your interests and qualifications to serve on commitees.

    Disability is Diversity:
    President Obama issued an Executive Order in 2010 directing the Federal Government to hire 100,000 people with disabilities within a five-year period. This is the time to address the Federal Government’s issues in hiring, retention and promotion of Federal employees with disabilities.

    Federal Employees with Disabilities
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