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SSDI -- making an appeal

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    SSDI -- making an appeal

    Back in August I got a letter saying that my disability check was being cut by $100. They took the $100 out in Sept and Oct. They also took out $45 extra in Oct. They said it was overpayment. I appealed this and received a letter this past week stating that I could get the $45 overpayment back, and it has been added into my account. Nothing was mentioned in the letter about them stopping taking the extra $100 out. That was what I appealed for and I thought I was clear on that. It's difficult for me to live off of what I'm now drawing and will be even more difficult in January and February when my electric bill is about $100 more than it is now. I will be applying for help with that, but the earliest appointment they have is in the beginning of Dec and it takes a couple months for it to be approved. So I will be paying my own electric during the coldest months of the year.

    How can I appeal to try getting them to stop taking an extra $100 out of my check? I was drawing my own SSI, now I"m drawing SSDI from my dad's disability. We were told I had to switch since he started drawing disability. I didn't understand that, but I didn't question it because my check increased by $200 at that time. But the letter in August said they were doing this because of my dad's worker's comp. settle from June 2004. My dad's check wasn't effected. So I don't know why mine was. I don't see how that makes sense.

    If you became disabled prior to age 22, you are eligible to receive SSDI benefits if a parent becomes disabled -- even if you are on SSI. The SSDI benefits are often better than SSI, as is the case with you. Worker's comp benefits reduce SSDI accordingly. Although your dad's benefits should have been reduced as well, it sounds like it was appropriate for your benefits to go down.


      To get them to reconsider the $100 dollar deduction from your check, you need to fill this form out and submit it to your local office. You can also ask for an explanation as to why they are taking this $100.

      Use this form for any kind of appeal or anything you want them to reconsider otherwise your request gets lost in the paperwork.

      To help you understand...since you never worked you are only eligible for SSI. However, since your father became disabled that entitled you to SSDI which means you get more money/benefits and you draw these benefits under your fathers social security number. He qualifies for disability if you draw SSDI.

      Ask for an explanation of what the $100 dollars is?
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        Try a plan B for the winter months while you're working it the local community services office for references for utility assistance. If your sole income is SSDI, you qualify and many agencies may pay for a few months...