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question about working while on SSDI

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  • question about working while on SSDI

    I will be graduating from Anthem College Online in March 2012 with an associates degree in medical billing and coding. Well, in WA State, you have to work in an office setting for at least 1 year before you are allowed to work from home for this occupation.

    This will be the first time I have had a job since high school. The last job I had was in 1999, and it was a janitor at a local church in my hometown. After a year, I was laid off because the church didn't have enough money to pay me anymore. After that, I started to have more and more medical problems, and in 2001, was diagnosed with spastic paraparesis. Later on, I sustained a L 4-5 SCI while on a camping trip. I have not had a job since I graduated high school in 2000. I am on a special program from Social Security that is for people who are disabled (before the age of 23) and had a biological parent die prior to turning 23 years old, who worked and accumulated SS benefits. It is called the Adult Child Disability Benefit program, according to the papers I got when I first got on it.

    I have heard that there is a program for people on SSDI, where they can receive the same amount of benefits they are already getting for 9 months as you do a trial run at working. Does anyone know how your benefits are affected AFTER this trial run is over? I can't live without my medical insurance (Medicare and Medicaid), due to the large amount of medical supplies I use everyday (enteral nutrition, incontinence supplies, catheters, ostomy supplies, wound care for the feeding tube site, and 12 different medicines).
    If anyone had any information about working while on SSDI, it would help me out a great deal! I seriously want to work, but still want to stay healthy.