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    Who travels for work?

    I started my job a few weeks ago, and I'm looking forward to traveling to see our different facilities and manufacturing all over the country and world. I don't believe I've flown since being in a chair where I haven't been with anyone or meeting someone I knew.

    The only thing that worries me about traveling is of course transportation once I'm there. I've never driven anything but my van and I'm pretty sure I can't do a car transfer independently. Although I'm not positive.

    I'm familiar with many of the accessible van rental companies. Has anyone used them for work travel? They're obviously more expensive, I'm not sure if my company would mind if that's what I needed. I would hope they'd get me what I need.

    Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
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    Congratulations on your new job!

    I suggest that you assume that your company will reimburse for the kind of rental vehicle you need to get your job done.


      Good Luck and congratulations on your new job and adventure.
      If the company locations and facilities you will be visiting are in or just outside major metropolitan areas, you will be able to get wheelchair rental vans with relative ease. However, if you are flying into more remote locations, it has been my experience that the van rental companies have pretty steep charges to get a van where you need it. Even to have a van delivered to airports or hotels in major cities, I have been charged delivery and pick up fees in addition to the rental and mileage charges. Unless things have changed dramatically in the past couple years (since I stopped traveling so much), the wheelchair van rental companies require completing applications and credit checks and some long lead times for making reservations before you can rent. It wasn't just as easy as calling up Hertz or Avis or National and reserving a car for a certain location/date/time/length of use. Maybe once you are in a company's system and have rented from them a few times, this process is easier.

      Ground transportation is almost always a hassle whether you are on vacation or business travel. Shuttle services can work well if all of your meetings are centrally located near the hotel at which you will be staying, i.e., use airport shuttle to and from the airport and then schedule meetings within a short distance to your hotel or at your hotel. In some cities, there are reasonable taxi services that you could prearrange for your visit.

      I don't know about international wheelchair van rentals. When I traveled for business, I was fortunate to always have my wife with me as a personal aide plus business assistant. She could transfer me into cars and we had many private drivers/black car services or rental cars where taxi service wasn't available or practical. London is wonderful for accessible ground transportation, since all taxis are accessible.

      Best advice....always have a back up plan....good old Plan mind and always give yourself extra time to make flights and connections, appointments, and meetings.

      All the best,