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Medicare suppliment plans for disabled under 65?

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    Originally posted by Eileen View Post
    I guess my "over 50" status is now on record!
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      Originally posted by smokymtn memories View Post
      I've heard the gap plans can be expensive. Tennessee just passed, in January of this year where you can now get a gap plan if you're age is under 65. I had to take an advantage plan because of that.

      I was happy with the bcbs advantage plan up until last year. Every year it has gotten more expensive, with loss of coverage. But last year my mri, ct scans....went to 80/20. Now I can't afford to have testing done. I pay $151 per month and co pays have gone up every year, but my dme and testing being at twenty percent is a killer.....

      The hard part is not just finding another policy, it's making sure all of your providers will take it! I'm not looking forward to it, but it took me about a week the last time....just finding something decent that everyone would take. I hate doing this......
      my supplemental alone is higher in cost than that. then i pay for medicare. medicare does not cover the supplies i need and have been getting all these yrs from my employer health ins. this is bad situation.


        Gap plans are insane!

        It is crazy to afford the plan then meds on top of that...

        I've had to get exceptions for almost everything I am on. After 23 years, I have took all the step drugs and am immune to the cheap ones that they would love for me to take LOL
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