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    Job denial

    I had a chance to go back to work, not sure if i could do it or not but i wanted to at least try.

    So i go in for the interview and 1/3 way thru she comes out of left field asking me about my health problems. She segwayed into this from the time off from leaving my last job. After my response she shut down. I could see it happening so i reassured her that i was able to work full time ect... She then makes a comment like "Still, that is serious ect..." after another explanation of things i left it alone. She claimed to be very knowledgeable but it was obvious she was not.

    I am partly relieved and the other part mad as hell. Being turned down for a job which i am very qualified for, passed all background checks and have no obvious reasons why i would not be hired pisses me off.

    I suppose i will just hope for the disability and go from there with Social Security. But i am bummed either way tonight.
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    they aren't supposed to ask you those sorts of questions. not a company i'd want.
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      Is that legal?


        Thats what i thought too. I learned tonight also that they did a background check BEFORE they had me fill out the paper to get permission. LOL (i know someone that works there) Sounds like a nightmare in mgmt to be honest there.
        “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton


          Originally posted by crypticgimp View Post
          they aren't supposed to ask you those sorts of questions. not a company i'd want.
          I think this is's illegal to ask questions about handicapped issues.

          But I have even been required to write down all medications on an application before...I wouldn't have worked for that company was an appliance store that did repairs and it was not even air conditioned! sigh......

          Try not to worry about this interviewer's attitude...she evidently is not that familiar with the legal aspects of human resources.



            Its totally illegal! They are so out of line...they cant ask you any personal or health related questions. What kind of place was this? Sorry for your bad experience but they need to get their act together before hiring anyone. Sounds like they dont deserve you!


              It was the Hyatt hotel company. they have a reservation call center in Marion, IL. What i would have been doing was answering the phone and making reservations for them and answering questions. From the quality of the other workers i saw in there i at least was dressed nice and was clean. lol...

              My friend that works there told me when he was drunk one night that the manager there was a lazy POS. She told him and the IT team to install a new flat screen TV so she could watch all the NASCAR races. My friend works on the IT end of things there. All she does is watch NASCAR and Facebook all day just like the old boss. Which is sad he said because they didnt like the old boss and thought they would hire someone at least qualified. He says she worked in a funeral home before this job...

              I think this denile came out for the best to be honest. No door shuts with out another one opening.
              “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton


                Another thought...i think jobs do what ever they want to when hiring. They go on looks, nepotism, ect... Nepotism was so rampant in my last workplace and that made working there horrible because most of the people would not do anything leaving it up to the non family members.
                “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton


                  Suzie, you are right...when a door closes at least a window opens...and there is something better for you out there, you just have to find it!

                  I once worked at a large call center...and we were not even allowed to go to the bathroom if it was not our break. I had to one day, and the supervisor or his assistant supervisor was nowhere to be found, and I finally just put my phone on hold and went....and the assistant supervisor told me that if it happened again that I would need to get a doctor's excuse...and that I might need to get a doctor's excuse for that time I had to go to the bathroom!!!

                  I thought to myself, life is TOO SHORT for this...and I found a different job!

                  They had "big" supervisors who sat in offices and would come through the entire company yelling people's names who had been on the phone with a customer too long! I know that first hand, because it happened to me once! We had like a minute and thirty seconds to help the customers and that was ALL. It was just too fact one of the most stressful jobs I ever had...and it was customer service...and for the most part, I got yelled at all day long by irate customers!

                  I was so glad to leave that company. The company does not exist anymore...and I was only temporary, but had been offered a full time job.

                  So sometimes, things are not as they seem...and you may be in the midst of a blessing in disguise!

                  Take care!



                    THAT IS ILLEGAL AND SHE CANNOT DO THAT!!!! I know from experience back in 2000. Same thing. What makes it illegal is she has to ask every other potential employer the same thing and if she did not, she is screwed. You should not have answered either way.

                    You need to contact your states disability advocate. Even if you had to take a leave of absence from your last job, there is no guarantees you will have to do that for the same reasons at this job.

                    The HR Rep I was dealing with at the hospital told me it was standard policy(and that she had been doing this for 30 years) to make me go through a physical and answer questions that were only contained in my private medical records. I talked to someone in Raleigh NC that coached me through the process of responding to her questions and quoting laws back to her instead of answering the questions. I got the job and found out later that the Hospital Board of Directors reprimanded this employee for this. She left a few months later. I worked off and on there for 6 years.

                    Now they could have made me go through a physical if I were going to be doing physical work and everyone else went through the same process to get their jobs. However, for an office job doing transcription, they could not do that.

                    In the end I got the job because I hit it off with my boss and I was a good fit for the department. My boss had no idea that the HR Rep had done that until three or so years later.

                    This pisses me off bigtime SUZiIE!!!

                    Please call and talk to someone. They know they can't do this.
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                      Even if you don't want the job I'd report this to someone.
                      I am angry you had to go through this. Jerks!


                        Suzie, you have a great attitude, another door will certainly open.

                        I agree with Daisy, you should take action, dont let this slide or they will do it again and again..


                          I did write her an email since the email addy the denile came from was her personal name and asked for a reason why i was not hired.

                          One thing that truely pisses me off is them doing back ground checks before i was even asked to fill out a paper to give them permission. ....

                          The main boss and the woman that interviewed me are single and drunks from what i hear. They work then most every night go sit in a bar after work.

                          Yeah, i am pissed off also. Life loves to kick ya while your down. I question if i can work and my mother is sick of taking care of me to be honest. I wish i had money to just take off and start over someplace.
                          “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton


                            I agree somebody really needs to know. Have you thought of the old "anonymous tip," or maybe not so anonymous?

                            "I never would work for a company that lets its employees treat me like yours did, so this is not a request for intervention I just thought you should know that your employee Ms. X very egregiously violated the ADA while interviewing me, and is leaving you very vulnerable to a successful lawsuit. You might consider some serious employee education."

                            You could add for fun:

                            “You also might like to know that she spends her day watching NASCAR and playing online on Facebook, rather than really working.”

                            Or you could file with the EEOC, maybe recoup some damages.


                              Don't they ask you about your health problems on applications and ask you how or if it will effect your job?

                              Sounds legal to me.