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    Originally posted by Suzie Q View Post
    On a separate note i believe businesses do this more than we think. I know my last job discriminated against the disabled and sick. The premium costs.
    Just a short note that I myself can relate to this as trying to gain employment in the feild of accounting i was told all sorts of bull but eventually got a job and my tax license after three years of trying every avenue

    So don't give up and work towards a cure from this shit


      Originally posted by Suzie Q View Post
      And i did not go into detail about every problem i have. I am not that ignorant. I kept things to a bare minimum and she still freeked out.
      Of course you didn't...

      Being interviewed for a job is so stressful to start with...and you have done the right thing by reporting this!


        When you tell a potential employer you had a problem with fluid in your brain, it's a big red flag and a giant don't. You did not owe her an explanation beyond "health issue that has been addressed." Telling her anything of the sort puts you in the "No!" pile of resumes.

        Tell a potential employer what you can do, what you bring to the table, why you want to work for the company to which you are applying, what you like about that company, why the org needs you for this position. Stay away from anything related to your cannot's, unless you need reasonable accomodation.

        If she had contacted your previous employer, most will only say, "Eligible for rehire" or "Ineligible for rehire." That helps fend off potential legal liability.

        Learn from this experience. You will be asked the question again because when we have gaps in employment history, when we roll into a conference room on four wheels for an interview, potential employers ask why the gap. It may be a way of asking in a legal way, "Why?" about our obviously dis bodies. To ask why the employment hx gap is not illegal.

        Find a response that works for you without painting yourself as a bad risk.

        Good luck with your career search.
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          Originally posted by mr_coffee View Post
          Its interesting to hear stories like this...all the companies I've worked for have been more than helpful. They were like so tell me everything you need to make you feel comfortable and we will make it happen. I didn't require anything but still I found all employers overly nice about the disability rather than negative towards it so thats pretty shitty that lady was so weird.

          What type of position was this for?
          hate to say this, but take notes, cause i had your exp for 24 lucky yrs. of working in a technical field, paralyzed and in pain. now that i have been on medical leave due to a worsening physical condition and subsequent dis retirement, i doubt anybody would hire me w/o same scrutiny.

          in the meantime, everybody remember, potential employers are not allowed to ask medical info like this in the u.s.