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Soc Security acting like I'm welfare scammer! RANT

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    So do you have to stop collecting your own SSDI and only collect on Steves SS? Why? You both earned it. They are separate accounts. SSDI is not a needs based benefit.
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      "Not sure there'd be much of a market for 50 yr old gimps, to tell the truth". If someone's a 60 yr. old gimp himself & you look anything like your avatar, there might be more of a market than you think...good luck w/the govt.


        Totally off topic, B, but I LOVED Shepard Mall as a kid, last time I saw it, it had been taken over by government offices and it looked sad. I used to go there w/my Great Grandmother who had Alzheimer's and she'd sit eating a cookie and make inappropriate people watching comments, like "I just can't believe SOME PEOPLE wear shorts, tsk". The best part is that she'd make them jussssst loud enough to get glances from the people, but since she was a million years old, people would let her get away with going from her normally uber proper self to feisty quicker than you could turn your head.
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          betheny is my hero. no kidding. betheny, when i lie awake most nights in pain, when my kid is giving me shit, i think of you. i think of all you've been through. and all you've done. and i smile. i smile because you made it and i also cry for us. because it's not f'in fair. and i think of my mom. i hope, someday, our kids will understand.

          i wrote this on fb:

          my mom and dad were the best. they were by my side every day for months after i was paralyzed. my mom had kidney disease, was on dialysis, but she still was there for me every day. she never got to see her only grandchild. i miss you so much, mom and dad. i hope everybody out there appreciates the mom and dad who will be with them every day when things go wrong. and who let you cry without judging.
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            So, beth, did you wheel yourself outta there or did you float to your car? Boy talk about a day brightener. Glad you got your due, wish all could get this done. Your gonna be a hot catch with the red dress and all. Happy living.


              I am so dreading dealing with Social Security again! I gotta make the call though. Actually, I am going to write a letter and send it certified. I learned my lessons years ago. The reps at the Franklin office actually tell you not to call the 1-800 number to report anything. I got several issues too

              I assigned my ticket to work and they never paid me the money I was due. Plus now they are saying they over paid me for some months when I first started working even though I reported everything....thank the Good Lord I mailed everything I reported certified.

              Oh and Medicare...that is another nightmare and I have to get it restarted.

              It really is a nightmare and I will probably have to write my congressman to get it all straightened out like I did the first time I had to quit work back in 2003.

              Oh well I guess I will have all day...24/7 to deal with everything and get it all straightened out LOL as I am officially unemployed and livin off the gubment again.

              I hope you get all your issues straightened out soon. Social Security is such a freakin nightmare. I guess it could be considered a fulltime job just keeping it all straight.
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                daisy, a note of hope. after working 23 (24 if you count rehab) yrs of being a quad, in pain, getting on SSDI was handled mainly via the web forms on SSA site. i had one call from SSA and that was it. it was amazingly easy and i don't know why.

                maybe it's being a c7 quad, i don't know. maybe i got an understanding SSA person. maybe it was my dr. i am grateful for whatever it was. as much as i hated going on SSDI, i don't know where my son and i would be w/o it. i gave it my best and it is incredibly hard to realize one just can't do it any more. in fact, it f'in sucks.


                  Bethany, you rock! I hope I get an understanding person when I take up the battle with SSA later this month :P

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                    rdf so true I see the same thing
                    I'm sorry they're hitting you for so much money due to their own incompetency addie sue. And Betheny, I'm sorry you're having problems, too. I personally know many people scamming the SSA for SSDI. The fraud is rampant, yet they go after the people who are actually disabled, while AB folks seem to never get investigated for scamming them.

                    It is sad that disabled people go through such scrutiny
                    The papertrail never ends and same question asked 4 different variations lmao
                    You roll in there with all your documents and lada di daa stuff they go opposite direction of your documentation they initially wanted you to bring !
                    They see someone very down and in pain / disabled and throw a stack of papers infront of you to sighn here and
                    How much $ did you earn in a minute while sitting on the toilet? Show proof of your last dental checkup and tooth extraction on line 6 ---------------sighn here if you are over 18 and need to see your sighnature . Post the last time you passed gas and lost weight on line 71---------------------
                    Why ?
                    Explain in 10 words or less why you are confused ________

                    Slap me

                    If you added up your utilities and food to this amount $ then subtract the total by 50% but times that by 4